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Subject: Re: M-I: jokes, language and sexism, etc.
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 17:14:48 EST

>You should have read Lou's post on PEN-L and the ensuing controversy. 
>you don't see anything even remotely sexist about it, then you should
>argue with Lou since Lou himself admitted that it was sexist and
>apologized to the entire list.

	Lou apologized because you people hounded him like there
	was going to be no tomorrow!!

>But, Lou *didn't* make that joke about Magdoff and Aranowitz. Instead 
>chose, a gender-specific and derogatory context for his "humor".

	Yes...and you *chose* to nitpick the man into insanity!!
	You and your double-standard principles make no sense! 
	If he had made the joke about them, would you have made 	a
fuss?  Probably not, but that just goes to show that in 	trying to
be fair to one gender, the other gets the 	proverbial "shaft"

>Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. "jokes" *AREN'T FUNNY*!

	Overall, Sir, I agree.  When they are meant in malice. 
	What *I* said was in an apology to Barkley Rosser, and I
	*still* caught flak for using a metaphorical phrase
	("gentleman's list") and even when it was pointed out that
	there were quotations around the phrase, I was unjustly
	labeled as sexist.  So you wanna talk about unfair, Mister? 
Comradely in *Marxism*
Anthony J. Caruso

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