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Subject: Re: M-I: jokes, language and sexism, etc.
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 17:14:48 EST

On Sun, 10 Nov 1996 13:17:25 -0500 (EST) Louis N Proyect
<> writes:

>Louis: Actually, the circumstances were a discussion of Hillary 
>that I had initiated. I was in the middle of trashing her "Toward a 
>Left" which amalgamates all of the trendy bullshit that appears in 
>Text and puts it into one smelly package: radical democracy, market
>socialism, Marxism-Hayekism, postmodernism, bioregionalism, ad 

	Smelly package.  One *helluva* smelly package.  Seems to smell of
*nonsense* if you ask me.  ad nauseum et vomitiŠ!!  ;-)

>Jerry Levy was the one who pointed out my "sexism" to the PEN-L list. 

	Jerry the character defamator!

>list is made up primarily of economics professors, who are all as
>humorless and self-congratulatory as Jerry. Shortly after this 
>incident I
>split. I was tired of being around pedants and bores. Now Jerry is 
>to whip up the same crusade over here but it doesn't seem to be going

	Nope.  I'm here for you, Lou.  You'll get support from *me* Jerry
can *try* to run you out on a rail, but it won't work!  Not here!

>Look, Jerry, you hated M-1. Everybody else kind of dug it. Now we have
>something called M-I which is basically M-1 without the crap. Are you 
>you have some reason to be here other than to flagellate me?

	Yes Lou.  Jerry also wants to flagellate *me*

>I think I am sort of a ink-blot that all sorts of people can project 
>most self-righteous energy at: fascist, scab, sexist, homophobe, 
>Menshevik, centrist, etc. That's OK. I am my most strenuous critic. 
>should hear the things I call myself when I look in the mirror.

	You are *awesome* Lou.  I admired you on M-1 and just know that
that admiration for the "no bullshit" policy you use is still there, in
full force.


Anthony J. Caruso

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