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Date: Sun, 10 Nov 96 22:50:34 UT
Subject: RE: M-I: Counter revolutionary Lenin

I don't know if I understand what you are saying.  Is it that Trotsky wanted 
to delay the revolution and sell it to the Mensheviks?  Trotsky prevented the 
Congress of the Soviets from meeting.  He and Lenin ousted Kerensky from the 
Winter Palace before the Congress's delegates arrived for session.


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Karl Karlile:
> Whereas is the evidence that they did not carry out a coup d'etat in
> October just a few weeks before the Congress of Soviets when Trotsky
> and other wanted this Congress to sanction the coup first in order
> obviously to make the coup look more like a revolutionary democratic
> decision of the working class.

Ooops... what is wrong with a "revolutionary democratic decision of
the working class" to remove a bourgeoise government by the force of 

Seems to me to be exactly what marxism is all about. But perhaps this
is the wrong list...? :-7


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