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Date: 10 Nov 96 23:47:24 EST
Subject: M-I: Carlile's "Distortions of Leninism"

dear Flavio c,

Actually the material and social contradictions of
world capitalism "brought about the revolution".
The poverty, oppession of the Czarist  capitalist-
landlord regime and the immense bloodletting
of the imperialist WW1 led the masses in huge
#s (millions) to revolt. Lenin and the bolsheviks 
did not conspire and work backhandedly against  the
masses. Via their Party work and mass organizing,
mainly illegal , some legal, they helped immensely
to influenne the mass movement against capital 
not only in Russia but helped revolutionaries get their 
berings in  a couple dozen other countires as well.

In fact the Feb 1917 revolution took the Bolsheviks by
surprise, but given their raised influence in the mass
organizations,of workers/peasants/soldiers struggles,asemblies
soveits, etc. Their marxist scientific bolshevik politics armed the 
masses theoretically /organizationally and helped develop the
 forms of the  actual class struggles immensely so that in 7 or 8
months later , the mass force of Oct 1917 could 
"shake the world' not and not just for 10 days butfor years.

Flavio: Your admitted "idealism"  can be your achilles heel,
esp. when dealing with real struggles of classes brought
to fever pitch . This struggle has a "material" and social basis
and this is the scientific way to attempt to get a real grasp 
of the actual events. THis is why i tried to show how the
imperialist  "Great war" ., WW1 itself was inevitable under
a world system based on markets, competition, commercial
and industrial rivalries, needs for cheap raw materials and labor,

The point is capitalism engenders, violence ,  oppression, plunder,
robbery,  jungle like societies . But as Engels pointed out , the   revolts
of the oppressed workers, "revolution is no tea party", " Have these
gentlemen ever seen a revolution..........'  etc.When force especially in civil
war meets force , one side or another will emerge victorious , or
the business will end in "the commom ruin of all contending classes".

Flavio: Our main job is not to re-educate the capitalists but to overthrow
them . They know all about oppressing workers and for them, indeed-
exploitaion is good!! But for us waged slaves, we must help engeder a new
mass movement of workersstruggle or else the capitalists will continue
to slice thru us like a knife thru butter and laugh all the way to their banks.

If after revolution, ex-capitalists wish to give up exploiting for good and
become honest builders of a new society of  workers socialism -no problem, 
they can join in and carry out gainful productive work, and they will 
share in equal remuneration with all other builders of a the new 
moneyless, wageless, socially owned (and planned) means of production for
human needs,and not profits and greed.

Most capiitalists do not like to labor and live as equals with others.
But many  capitalists  will try to get back in the saddle and 
go back to robbing the majority and the new workers commonwealth
must use every means at its disposal to prevent that from happening.


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