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Subject: M-I: NDFP statement on the AIWPS &^ People's Conference (fwd)

The National Democratic Front is the underground revolutionary umbrella 
that includes the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People's 
Army, and mass organizations of peasants, workers, artists and cultural 
workers, medical doctors and health professionals, indigenous peoples, 
women, youth and students, gays, etc.  

The statement is issued in connection with the Asia-Pacific Economic 
Cooperation meeting currently going on in the Philippines (President 
Clinton represents the U.S. along with other member-states from both 
sides of the Pacific).  Scores of Africans from progressive grassroots 
organizations were already deported in connection with their invitation 
to attend parallel anti-APEC people's campaigns.

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Subject: NDFP statement on the AIWPS &^ People's Conference 

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>Statement of the NDFP on the World Peasant Summit
>and the People's Anti-APEC Conference
>We, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, hereby express our
>admiration and commendation to the organizers and participants of the
>1.	The Anti-Imperialist World Peasant Summit (November 10-13);
>2.	Peasant Demonstration at the Food and Agriculture Organization (November
>3.	Program of Exposure of Foreign Delegates to Philippine Social Conditions
>(November 13-20) 
>4.	The People's Anti-APEC Conference (November 21-23)
>5.	People's Caravan from Manila to Subic and Nationwide Protests (November
>Coming ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders'
>Summit, the Anti-Imperialist World Peasant Summit fittingly serves to
>stress the fact that the Philippines is still a semicolonial and semifeudal
>country and the majority of the people of the world are still peasants
>suffering the ravages of neocolonialism under foreign monopoly capitalism. 
>The Philippines has become more deeply agrarian and semifeudal under the
>dictates of the imperialists through bilateral relations with them` as well
>as through the dictates of the multilateral agencies like IMF, World Bank
>and WTO.
>There is no land reform. Land monopolization by a few is accelerated. So
>many devices are used to deprive the people of land, like production for
>export, pasture lease, land reclassification and conversion as industrial
>and commercial, real estate development, forest management and mining
>Food security is under destruction. The prices of imported agricultural
>inputs are rising, the agricultural surpluses of the imperialist countries
>are being dumped on the Philippines, the production of food for domestic
>consumption is cut down and food imports are rising, while the country is
>pushed to produce certain special crops for export, like cut flowers and
>asparagus, which are in the process of global overproduction.
>It is appropriate that the participants in the World Peasant Summit and
>other people hold a demonstration against the FAO on the occasion of the
>World Food Summit in Rome because the FAO has been a tool of the
>imperialists for rationalizing and promoting monopoly capitalist control of
>agriculture and food supply for the purpose of profit maximization.
>We condemn the devastation and disorder wrought in the world by the rapid
>concentration and centralization of capital in a few imperialist countries
>by the multinational firms and banks and the imposition of extremely
>exploitative capital and the dumping of surplus manufactured and
>agricultural goods on the semifeudal and dependent countries under the
>neoliberal slogans of free trade and investment liberalization.
>The APEC is a framework of "free trade" which is dominated by the US and
>Japanese monopolies at the expense of the other member-countries and the
>proletariat and people. At the same time, it is the framework which the US
>is using to keep Japan in subordination to US monopoly interests and
>prevent the initiative of Japan in any other regional formation, like the
>Asean Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) and East Asian Economic Caucus (EAEC).
>Amidst the worsening crisis of overproduction in the world capitalist
>system, there is the tendency of national productivity and profit rates to
>fall in industrial capitalist countries and the sharpening competition
>among the imperialist countries, especially the US, Japan and the European
>Union. The US is thus pushing further its economic hegemony in the
>Asia-Pacific region. It is trying to overcome its accumulated foreign debt
>and trade deficits, expand its manufacturing capacity for export and
>consolidate its national market and its regional market like the North
>American Free Trade Area (NAFTA).
>The APEC Leaders' Summit is held at a time that a global overproduction in
>garments, consumer electronics and similar type of goods produced by the
>sweatshops of East Asia is becoming more and more conspicuous. All the
>"tigers" of East Asia and all the ASEAN countries dependent on low
>value-added and low-wage fringe processing of manufactures for export are
>conspicuously afflicted with rising foreign trade deficits and foreign
>It is absolutely foolish for the Ramos regime to think that the way to
>realize the status of a "newly industrialized country" is to avoid national
>industrialization and land reform and to join the ranks of countries
>overproducing consumer goods for the recessive economies of the imperialist
>The big comprador promotion of export-oriented manufacturing and
>import-dependent overconsumption in China has also undermined the
>industrial foundation previously established under socialism.
>A major thrust in the position of the US in the APEC Leaders' Summit is to
>bring pressure upon China to further deregulate its investment and
>export-import policies and to remind her that she cannot join the World
>Trade Organization unless she makes a bilateral agreement with the US,
>allowing the US monopolies further investment and import privileges that
>can cause the shutdown or privatization of Chinese state enterprises.
>Going into an exceedingly great expense of effort and resources, the Ramos
>regime is proud to be the host of the chieftains of monopoly capitalism and
>the relatively more favored agents in the region. But the Philippines is
>still among the most exploited and impoverished neocolonial adjuncts. It
>has come late into the game of low-value added manufacturing of certain
>consumer goods for the imperialist countries and is compelled as ever to
>export live human beings as the actual main source of foreign exchange from
>abroad, more than any kind of commodity export.
>We reiterate our condemnation of the unjust and terrorist measures being
>undertaken by the US-Ramos regime to present a false face to foreign
>visitors, to secure the 18 chiefs of state and to discourage and suppress
>the mass protest movement against the APEC Leaders' Summit.
>We condemn without cease the violation of human rights already committed by
>the Ramos regime against the workers, peasants, urban poor and other people
>in preparing for the APEC Leaders Summit. If the Ramos regime does worse
>against the people who are carrying out protest mass actions against the
>APEC, it shall be jeopardizing the continuity of the formal peace
>negotiations between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines
>(GRP) and the NDFP.
>The claim of the Ramos regime that armed actions will be carried out by the
>revolutionaries against some chiefs of state is false and absurd. It is a
>psywar trick to rationalize military, police and paramilitary suppression
>of the legal mass actions.
>It is preposterous for the US-Ramos regime to overconcentrate more than
>40,000 troops and police in areas where the legal mass actions are
>expected. In fact, the regime is unwittingly giving the armed revolutionary
>movement ample opportunity to undertake offensives where enemy forces have
>been thinned out, far away from Manila, Subic and the highway linking these
>two points.
>The forces of the armed revolutionary movement will not carry out tactical
>offensives wherever the forces of the legal democratic mass movement carry
>out protest actions. But the revolutionary armed forces can take advantage
>of the thinning out of the reactionary armed forces in so many other areas
>of the country.
>We also condemn the special agents of "low-intensity conflict", including
>covert agents of US imperialism and the Trotskyites, who pretend to be
>critical of APEC but whose main objective is to offer themselves as
>alternative to the revolutionary movement, lead the people astray and
>submit reformist recommendations to the imperialists and local
>We look forward to the success of the People's Caravan from Manila to Subic
>and the nationwide mass protest actions of at least 200,000 people. Once
>more it can be demonstrated that the forces of the national democratic
>movement are the most resolute and most militant in the legal struggle for
>the basic rights and interests of the Filipino people.
>We hope that the Anti-Imperialist World Peasant Summit, the Conference
>Against the APEC and the militant mass actions can be consolidated on an
>international scale through the formation and development of global
>networks for carrying forward the people's struggle for independent,
>democratic, just and prosperous societies against imperialism.
>For the National Democratic Front of the Philippines
>Luis G. Jalandoni
>Member, NDFP National Executive Committee
>and NDFP Chief International Representative
>11 November 1996
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