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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 96 08:05:25 GMT
Subject: M-I: Zimbabwe

There's some strikes going on in Zimbabwe.

>From what I have gathered from the UK paper The Guardian,
there is an ongoing strike by nurses and junior doctors
over payment of wage rises agreed as the result of a 
previous strike.

The trade unions called a solidarity demonstration, which
was banned by the police. They went ahead with the demo (
The Guardian reports "a few hundred" defied the police 
ban ). The demo was attacked and dispersed by the police,
and the union leaders arrested in order to stop them 

The TU's have called a 2 day General strike to protest against
the repression.

This is interesting and important in its own right, but it also
relates to an ongoing discussion re: the working class in 
"developing" nations.


Adam Rose


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