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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 13:30:18 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Wrong Unit of Analysis? (was Re: M-I: What went wrong in the        former Soviet Union)


I agree completely that the juridical and political forms must be changed. 
But these will be changed in response to changes in social relations
corresponding with a certain state of objective forces of production. I
know I am making an overly deterministic argument, but this simplification
is only to assert a general trend transnationally (perhaps better termed
supranationally from a world-system perspective), not to detail how each
juridical unit in the world-system will restructure it superstructure to
meet the new economic reality. Moreover, my argument regarding unit of
analysis is not an ontological argument. On the contrary, as I stressed in
my last post, this is a purely analytical point, that is to say, when we
study secular trends in the development of capitalism what will be the
primary object of our analysis? Certainly this object includes the
nation-state, but it should include the nation-state as a component of the
world-system, and not the nation-state in and of itself. Again, I am
concerning myself here with uncovering the general material conditions
necessary for successful socialist revolution. I am arguing that this can
only be done by adopting the more holistic unit of analysis. 

As for struggle against capitalism, this must occur everywhere with vigor. 
Workers should not sit on their hands and wait for capitalism to collapse. 

Andrew Austin

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