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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 19:22:55 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Re: M-I: RE: Reply to and Iranian Stalinist!

Ali writes;
>Well, there are mistakes and there are Mistakes. I'm not a Stalinist. My
>had a very opposite intention than defending Stalinism.

Well good! But what then are you (politically) exactly..

>Well, both your statements are quite wrong. If the statements were wrong. 
You certainly do not have to answer the question of why you are in Sweden if 
its personal.  But the other question if you are not a Stalinist then well 
please tell us what you think:.

Malecki writes;
>>The stage theory of revolution which is the politics of your hero my friend 
>>is why much of the left in Iran wound supporting Khomeini during the 
>>iniatial stages of the developments in Iran. 

Ali replies;
>correct, but...

Correct but what Ali?

>It was obviousely wrong to think Khomeini was progressive and that the
>next stage of revolution would come soon. And it's correct that some
>Troskists wanted to "go all the way", but 1) I do not see what this has
>to do with Stalinism and 2) the Trotskist would most definitely not have
>done any better. The problems of the Iranian socialists were much more

Oh really! What problems and why?

>I can hardly wait to explore the humoristic potential of those lines in
>my social life. ;-)

Actually I am not to interested in your social life. just answer the questions.
>>Another interesting question is what is your position on Afghanistan?

Because the Afghanistan question is linked to what happened in Iran in a 
bizaar sort of way in regards to the Maoists and their particular brand of 
stage theories.

Maleck wrote;
>>Only when the hard lessons of the huge political defeat that the Stalinist 
>>were responsible for mainly because of the stage theory of revolution and 
>>then maybe a core of cadre will be won to the politics of a 
>>Bolshevik-Leninist organisation which will go forward and build a 
>>revolutionary party in Iran to Independently lead the Iranian Proletariat in 
>>filling their historical role in this part of the world. 

Ali replied;
>THAT was the mistake of the Iranian left. They were discussing Trotsky
>versus Stalin and they were discussing Albania versus Yugoslavia and
>they did not see reality. They did not reflect upon the role of religion
>in the country. They did reflect upon the fact that huge amounts of
>people couldn't even read or write. It's quite fantastic to see that
>there still are people who interpret the defeat of the revolution in
>term theoretical marxist differencies..

Bull shit Ali! Stop trying to throw mash potatoes in the faces of people on 
this list! The religion question is in this case the stage theroy of 
revolution. That the Stalinists backed a very peculiar sort of Islamic 
fundementalism as being progressive if not revolutionary against the Shah 
was in fact the main reason that the Iranian revolution was doomed to defeat 
>from the beginning, unless a major split had taken place in the Tudah and 
various far left Stalinist organisations like the Mujahadeen. And these 
people were calling themselves "Marxist-Leninist" and all of the rest of the 
bullshit. And it was in "Marxist" terms that that particular revolution 
should have been seen not in the least in the fact the the Iranian working 
class was the key to victory. The leadership of the Iranian left instead of 
following the lessons of Lenin followed the line of Stalin straight to and 
execution platoon or exile!

And if you think that events in the middle east as elsewhere can not be 
determined by Marxist Theory and Leninist practice. Well the question is 
obvious what the fuck are you doing here? Do you want treat us to what it is 
exactly it is other then the above mentioned. Is it perhaps little Green man 
on Mars, how about being a little more specific and stop pulling are legs Ali.

Bob Malecki

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