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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 17:47:27 GMT
Subject: Re: M-I: RE: Reply to and Iranian Stalinist!

>Well, there are mistakes and there are Mistakes. I'm not a Stalinist. My
>had a very opposite intention than defending Stalinism.
>>Well, And Iranian Stalinist from Iran and in exile in Sweden! And obviously 
>>has not learned a thing about politics. Defending Stalin and Stalinist 
>>politics was one of the central reasons that the left in Iran is in exile or 
>>were put up against the wall by the Mullahs after taking power.

>THAT was the mistake of the Iranian left. They were discussing Trotsky
>versus Stalin and they were discussing Albania versus Yugoslavia and
>they did not see reality. They did not reflect upon the role of religion
>in the country. They did reflect upon the fact that huge amounts of
>people couldn't even read or write. It's quite fantastic to see that
>there still are people who interpret the defeat of the revolution in
>term theoretical marxist differencies...
>>/Ali Esbati

There are no Stalinists in this list, Ali. Stalin himself was only a great
Marxist-Leninist, never a "stalinist". It is only the idiots like malecki
and the cheesebrains like Rodwell who would try to intimidate anyone from
seeking a reasonable and logical understanding of history and will cry
"Stalin", "Stalin", "Stalin" everytime any one questions their silly
rantings and facile explanations about the set-backs of the revolution.  For
these people revolutions should not have set-backs and are the easier thing
in the world if you would only follow their eunuch's prescriptions.

You seem to be some sort of Trotsky sympathiser - all people who "dream" of
ideal and "error-less" revolutions - i.e. the "Nevsky Prospekt and magic
potions tend to be soft on Trotsky (unfortunately for them finding
themselves always in the camp of the the imperialist bourgeoisie at those
times) and hard on Stalin - idem.  That cannot be helped, except by themselves.

Lou Proyect is right that by banging on this theme at this time in thids
list is guaranteed to bring back the Moscow Trials in glorious colour - that
is the only sure fire way to keep malecki and rodwell on a short leash! 

Adolfo Olaechea


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