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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 19:38:44 GMT
Subject: Re: M-I: [Viraj - Dialectics and clarity)

>(By the way Adolfo: Your first response to me was on the misunderstanding that
>I implied something bad about "popularising marxism". When I wrote "Adolfo
>pls note", in my second it meant, "I have used Lenins phrase in the same
>context -
>occupational hazards do take place, when you do one thing important, some
>other important aspect gets neglected").
>Best regards/ Viraj. 

If you would have been clear, you would not need to explain yourself - that
is really irrelevant in an already irrelevant and long settled issue.

Moreover, Viraj, if all that "dialectics" tells you is that "as Marxists we
all have something in common" - in which way does that "profound and well
formed thought"  illustrates one any better than the well-known saying: "In
the dark all cats are grey"  

I still think that Lenin was more than right in demanding clarity and always
more clarity.  By the way, dialectics IS also the doctrine of the UNITY AND
MUTUAL STRUGGLE - i.e. mutual exclusion - of opposites.  In other words, you
cannot have your cake (your Austin), and eat it (your Engels) at the same time!


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