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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 21:15:02 +0100 (MET)
Subject: M-I: Re: Defining through practice

Look very carefully, everybody!

>And if you are really interested in finding out what went wrong there are
>numerous books by Trotsky available in Sweden for reading. Try any USec
>bookstore! If not Trotsky try Carr or deutcher which are also available..
>Bob Malecki

Bob M is bending over backwards to develop a discussion here. Anyone who
can claim that Bob is a rigid sectarian when he recommends Carr and
Deutscher if Trotsky isn't available, doesn't know what a rigid sectarian

And, just like me, Bob is waiting for Ali E to give us his version of what
happened and what's happening in Iran. And is interested in what an Iranian
has to say about the destruction of the Swedish welfare state and the
bankruptcy of the Swedish model.

I like Bob's suggestion about trying to get Lars Bergqvist on to the list.
Ali's probably got the academic contacts to put the proposal to him. We
have some very articulate Euro-Stalinists in Sweden, and their views on the
role of struggle, revolution and  the working class for the left will
probably add a bit of class (hah!) or at least variety to the monotonous
dirges of the New York lunch crowd.



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