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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 15:19:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: M-I: The Pack Is Back

On Mon, 27 Jan 1997, Rosser Jr, John Barkley wrote:

> thus possess a certain regional chauvinism regarding 
> yesterday's victory by the Green Bay Packers over the 
> Boston Patriots in the Super Bowl.  But, I think that 
> there may be something of interest here, especially 
> for those who advocate reading the bourgeois press in 
> order to communicate with the workingclass.

>     Keith Jackson, tight end has been quoted as 
> saying, "In Green Bay, you aren't working for an owner 
> you don't like."  This Super Bowl was marked by a much 
> larger attendance by workingclass people than the 
> usual wealthy glitterati that attend these events, and 
> most of them were "cheesehead" Packers fans.

	Two points; first it is the New England Patriots, and not the
Boston Patriots. The team plays in Foxboro, Massachusetts which is
half-way between Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachussetts. It
has also been long rumored that the team may move to a new stadium closer
to Connecticut than Rhode Island. Regardless it is the NE Pats, and former
residents of Rhode Island like myself prefer it to be that way. 
	Second, don't mistake cheeseheads for proletarians immediately. At
something like $4,000 a ticket in the after-market I'm doubtful about how
many of the cheeseheads were property-less wage earners. I dunno,
certainly many fanatics might have cashed in some savings to spend the
$10,000 or so it might cost to take a couple to New Orleans and the
SuperBowl but I'm skeptical about the idea that most cheeseheads are
workers. I've seen plenty of business consultants and upper management
types go crazy at hockey games; I'm sure some of them even can wear cheese
on their head to show solidarity with their football team. 

	Though, I must put in my own note that speaking of football we
should not neglect mentioning the greatest proletarian sporting genius of our
time; Ronaldo, who is the world's best footballer this year according to
FIFA. And a shout of demotion should also be due to everyone's favorite
Stalinist striker - Eric Cantona who is playing tiredly for the Red

Cols, Oh


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