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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:44:06 +0000
Subject: M-I: moscow trials

>Adolpho writes:

> There are no Stalinists in this list, Ali. Stalin himself was only a great
> Marxist-Leninist, never a "stalinist". It is only the idiots like malecki
> and the cheesebrains like Rodwell who would try to intimidate anyone from
> seeking a reasonable and logical understanding of history and will cry
> "Stalin", "Stalin", "Stalin" everytime any one questions their silly
> rantings and facile explanations about the set-backs of the revolution.  For
> these people revolutions should not have set-backs and are the easier thing
> in the world if you would only follow their eunuch's prescriptions.

Is this sort of verbal diarrhoea from Adopho what a  ban on a debate 
on Stalinism is supposed to protect us from? You must be joking. 
While Adopho is free to smear Trotsky like this I am for equal freedom! 
No moderation on political argument, no moderation on language. 
Just 3 a day quota. Isnt that the M-I rule. To hell with this pathetic attempt to 
clean-up debate by sanitising the history of Stalinism as this 
self-dissappearing figment of the imagination of the Trotskyist 
running dogs.  Come on lets have some discussion of the "silly 
rantings" and "facile explanations" Trotsky is credited with by 
Adopho here. Proyect seems to be in agreement with Trotsky on Germany 
in 1933, and in Spain. What does Adopho think about the "red 
referendum" in Germany? Was Stalin just a Marxist-Leninist when he 
blocked with Hitler against the `social fascists'?  Marx and Lenin 
would have done this would they?

> Lou Proyect is right that by banging on this theme at this time in thids
> list is guaranteed to bring back the Moscow Trials in glorious colour - that
> is the only sure fire way to keep malecki and rodwell on a short leash! 
Yes, that's what we need here to clean all the old Stalinist, 
crypostalinist and neostalinist muck out of this list, is a 1997 
Moscow Trial which doesnt stop at in the 1930's but exposes the long 
history of Stalinist betrayals right up to the present collapse of 
the workers states and restoration of capitalism in most of the 
former degenerated workers states. If Adolpho and Proyect want to 
evade responsibility for their complicity or covering up of any of these crimes,
let them defend themselves to all on this list and before the whole international 
workers movement.   

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