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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 22:45:59 GMT
Subject: Re: M-I: moscow trials

>Yes, that's what we need here to clean all the old Stalinist, 
>crypostalinist and neostalinist muck out of this list, is a 1997 
>Moscow Trial which doesnt stop at in the 1930's but exposes the long 
>history of Stalinist betrayals right up to the present collapse of 
>the workers states and restoration of capitalism in most of the 
>former degenerated workers states. If Adolpho and Proyect want to 
>evade responsibility for their complicity or covering up of any of these
>let them defend themselves to all on this list and before the whole
>workers movement.   

The problem - my heroic fellow - is that if there is another Moscow Trial -
and it is evident that the mere mention of that makes the poor
Stalino-phobes of BBC/MI6 Orwellian ponces of imperialism blow their fuses -
we will have to shoot you again, again, and again! Messy business this of
squishing roaches.

It is called profilaxis, another greek word for you!


PS:  We defend ourselves fine, my dear particularly well from epicenes like
you, since, like Stalin, we do have our armed divisions, while you, like
Pious XI have none!


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