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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 21:35:52 GMT
Subject: M-I: Epistemological roccocco in M-I

Kilometric epistles like a epispastic epidemy of epididymistic epileptic
epistasis meant to epitasise this episodic debate seem to me like an
epigeneous epigenesis of epic epigones sounding more and more like the
epistaxis of medieval episcopates.

I have just taken this bit at random - and I swear by old father Cronos that
I mean no offense:

>If you don't accept the point of S-R's critique of epistemology - that 
>you cannot explain the results or categories of Newtonian science 
>from direct observation, because these results/categories are ipso 
>facto transcendental, then how DO you explain the immanentism of 
>Newtonian science? By recourse to positivism? The Diamat? What?
>I hate to make this sound like a viva, but if you do not grasp this 
>point then you are still trapped a sociological conception of marxism 
>and an idealistic conception not only of science but its subject.
>BTW, we can surely forget Althusser who admitted at the end that he 
>had never actually read Capital himself.
>Wayne says: Note that even if the dialectic we hold subjectively is a 
>reflection of an
>objective dialectic inherent in nature, we would still behold this
>dialectic subjectively.
>Who, in the endless iteration of beholding subjects this suggests, 
>is the ultimate "we" doing the ultimate "beholding"?
>Bourgeois philosophy is a leaking 
>ship: transcendentalism seeps in everywhere. Also in your 
>formulations of the matter here and throughout your piece. 
>That is why we need to acknolwedge the old bastard, the kantian TS,
> and give him a home at last, instead of letting him wander around
>like Hamlet's ghost (the proper home being the commodity-form and the 
>fetishised forms of thought arising from it).

Who would have thought it? This fatuous epigonic "epistemology" is, in
Marxist jargon, nothing more sinister than a theory of knowledge.


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