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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 20:14:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: M-I: Millionaires Commiserate

CBS Evening News spent the better part of its 30 minute broadcast tonight
slobbering over comedian and entrepreneur Bill Cosby, whose son Ennis was
shot to death on the Los Angeles Freeway 10 days ago.    It was a disparate
performance;  Cosby and Dan Rather in a symbiotic Reagan - era paen to God,
law-and-order,  and all the decent folk who are victimized by a nebulous
form of "thing" (Cosby's designation) that is,  apparently,  "everywhere".
He and Rather more or less see eye-to-eye on what the proper fate of these
"things" should be.    Neither would ever answer to the nickname of "Lefty."

Bill Cosby,  as even our overseas friends surely know,  is America's
favorite Black Man -- the quintessential Good Nigger (as opposed to Mumia
Abu Jamal and OJ Simpson,  Bad Niggers both,  the latter having earned the
opprobrium of white liberals and conservatives alike by being,  lamentably,
a Good Nigger Gone Bad).    Poetically,  the highest TV ratings for the
Huxtables (aka the Cosbys) were to found in the deep South -- the land of
Jim Crow and Judge Lynch,  where the *real* Forrest Gump would have been
just the type of Good Ol' Boy to administer that last vicious body kick to
the twitching corpse of a strung-up Bad Nigger.    Jell-o Pudding or no.

And now -- as seems to happen with all of America's Heroes of Color,  Brown,
Red,  Yellow or Black -- Mr Cosby has found *his* calling as a spokesperson
for that perennial brand of American Snake Oil,  Law 'n Order.    His is a
particularly incongruous and ugly retribution;  anguishing about a life of
privilege snuffed out amidst a sea of squalor.   Just two exits from the
off-ramp where Ennis lost his life,  a gang of racist LA cops in 1991 herded
a group of black youths (future Bad Niggers) onto the freeway to "merge"
with 75 mph traffic in the wee hours of the morning.    At just about the
same time,  another troublesome black youth died after running through a
gauntlet of kill-crazy white cops while being forced to whistle the theme
>from the  *Andy Griffith Show*.     And just a half a mile from the spot
where Ennis crumpled to the ground,  little Cleveland Davis,  age 5,  was
buried.   He had been shot to death while watching television when an LA
SWAT Team burst into his home in a case of a drug raid gone horribly wrong.
Mistaken identity.    His mother was later charged with child abuse because
she happened to be working a minimum wage job and was not at home at the time!

And where was Bill Cosby during all this?    He wouldn't be seen joining the
community protests that erupted -- sometimes violently -- in the wake of
these official crimes.    Cosby -- together with the rest of Hollywood's
liberal establishment -- never broke with the head of the LAPD, Daryl Gates
or his successor,   the unctuous Willy Williams.    He continued to supply
the NAACP and NOW and Common Cause with funds and personal appearances,  far
>from the dark and bloody ground of East LA which had by now become alien to

Ennis was buried near Amherst,  Massachusetts,  a watering-hole of white
Democrat Party liberals -- "granolaville" -- as its known around here.    I,
too,  have said good-bye to a dead child.    I have others who,  I expect,
will grow up with a father as proud of them as Mr Cosby is of his remaining
brood.    I do not want my children to be herded,  beaten or shot by the
police as a form of foreign compensation for the past misdeeds of others.
It would not,  in the least,  bring the departed Ennis Cosby back to life.

And even if it would.  

Louis Godena

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