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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 07:45:09 +0100 (MET)
Subject: M-I: Re: so- called deformed workers states

aaron writes;;
>                          The abstentionism of the Bordigists was not
>merely an avoidance of class struggle but a realization of the futility of
>paliamentary politics.

A lot of mashed potatoes in the form of "Hail the Bordigists" . But when you 
get down to the nitty gritty this one above sentence makes it quite clear 
their ultra left (actually right) stance on politics. Communists are the 
flag barers of Communist politics in all spheres of political life including 
the bougeois parliment. This is counter-posed to your abstention model of 
class struggle. Lenin in many of his works talks just about struggle in the 
various "Dumas" by the Bolsheviks. Sometimes critisizing and at other times 
praising the work of the Bolsheviks.

And then you continue along the lines of your bedmate David. And David has 
completely exposed himself as a friend of bougeois imperialism against those 
horrible Stalinist and the state capitalist Mumbo Jumbo you people are 
pushing. Thus both Hugh and I have answered this stuff and once again my 
reply to you is the same as to David.

 David the above is just and empirical crock of bullshit. In the first place 
 "Socialism" does not exist anywhere nor has its. What we have had is a 
number of 
different transitional societies where capitalist relations were overthrown. 
We have had a "healthy" workers state, The Russian October Revolution with 
 was dominated by the dictatorship of the Proletariat in the Soviets and led 
 by the Bolshevik Party and Lenin. But this "heallthy" workers state came in 
 backward Russia and because of the degeneration and destruction of the 
 Russian CP and the Third International under Stalin changed that. Then we 
 have had the various "deformed" workers states in numerous countries which 
 also overthreww capitalism albeit without the working class. But never the 
 less transitional states.
 Just the idea of transitional states being "better" or "worse" then 
 capitalist states is just ridiculous and actually exposes you as a very base 
opportunist. As if one can judge the two systems which according to you 
 "Western capitalism is obviously a more advanced stage of Social 
 development". Just that line tells tons about our ultra leftists here. As if 
 one can compare two societies by the number of yuppie telephones or 
 something. These people are hardly Communists in fact renagades from 
 anything about Communism when they start telling peopl that the Soviet Union 
 even with the Stalinists leaped from the middle ages and a feudal peasant 
 society to being the other super power in the world. And they did this in 
 the mist of two world wars that destroyed not only a huge percent of the 
 population but industry and territory as well!
 But for our ultra leftists they compare Russia in this case with America who 
 in both wars was never even near wear the bombs were falling or occupied. I 
 just can,t wait to hear what these people have to say if for example Turkey, 
 or the Phillipines were to overtghrow Capitalism with some sort of 
 transitional regime whgich hardly could be "better" then ant western country..
 The ultra leftists have once again exposed themselves. They are saying quite 
 clearly obviously we are on the side opf western imperialism because they 
 think them supieror! It is just this kind of drastic reactionary fake 
leftist bullshit that makes the ultra lefts in fact ultra rights and here 
 they even admit it!
 Bob Malecki

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