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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 14:28:31 GMT
Subject: M-I: Dockers update..Jan 20th

27 January Dockers' Day of Action Update

The summary article "The Balance Sheet", posted earlier and available
on the LabourNet web site, has been amended to include a few
corrections and latest news.

Liverpool: the occupation had 8 dockers and 7 environmentalists,
lasted 27 hours and delayed the "Lake Erie" grain ship for 35 hours.

Australia: The "Zim Sydney" faces disruption in Melbourne as well as

Japan: The actions are confirmed.

US West Coast: The action involved 5 major ports plus Dutch Harbour
(Alaska) for 8 hours plus all Oregon ports for 24 hours.

Quebec: The longshoremen have set up a dual language web site linked
to Labournet. Its URL is

Denmark: Copenhagen struck for 24 hours on 20.1, along with Arhus.

Germany: The ACL "Atlantic Conveyor" was stopped for 2 hours in
Bremerhaven by the OTV on 25.1

France: An OOCL ship was stopped in Le Havre on the night of 19.1

In 27 countries, 105 ports and cities, dockers, seafarers, and other
workers took part in workplace meetings, public meetings,
demonstrations at British Embassies and Consulates, work-to-rules, and
fullscale stoppages ranging from 30 mins, 2 hours, 8 hours, through to
24 hours. The actions took place on Wednesday 15th January, Monday
20th January, Tuesday 21st January, and Saturday 25th January.
Merseyside Port Shop Stewards have received 220 faxes of support. The
actions were widely reported in the media outside Britain.

Please inform LabourNet of any other actions or any incorrect details
reported here or in the new version of "The Balance Sheet".

LabourNet Report by Greg Dropkin

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