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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 18:38:27 GMT
Subject: Re: M-I: Dialectics [Round 5 FINAL PART]


>And, Viraj, even the suggestion that I am not faithful to Marxian thought
>or a dedicated Marxist is by now an obvious lie. Those on the other side
>of this debate are not only incorrect regarding Marx's text and intent,
>but their position is generally Stalinist/Maoist and detrimental to the
>advancement of the working class. This is where you should concentrate
>your attention: on helping your comrades correct their thought and
>practice, rather than pushing them out of the way so you can come up front
>to smother me in false kindness.

You see, Viraj!  Clarity! Clarity! Clarity! 

Why can you not just tell this verbose idiot to p... off and go fly a kite
with his Marx was not a marxist and the whole history of the ICM is crap in
simple and plain language?!  Where in the Classics of Marxism did you get
the idea that the "question is not to win but to take part"?  Marxism is a
tool for the VICTORY OF THE PROLETARIAT in its class struggle, not a game of
bridge between bored old duffers blowing hard at a keyboard!

Can you see the simple political issue that even by entertaining the whims
of such an arrogant individual - who erects himself over the Classics and
leaders of the working people of the whole of the XXTh Century and even part
of the last Century, to come and tell us in this list - supposedly a
MARXIST-INTERNATIONALIST list, that only he has understood the "real
Marxism" and we have all of us - whatever school of thought - being pissing
in the wind for 150 years, you are already playing his sophomoric game?

This Martin Luther - with his own "freedom of interpretation of Marxism" has
not said anything new.  It is nothing but the oldest canard of the bourgeois
intellectuals from day one: Marx was not a Marxist, Long live Marx, down
with Marxism, with the revolution and the proletariat's cause!.


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