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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 15:55:13 -0500
Subject: Re: M-I: Adolfo's List

>                 Mr.Adolfo,as I am new to this list I will preface my post
>with a disclaimer.I have no intention
> of "red baiting" or "provking".Nor do I wish to be labeled as such.Also,I
>have no intention of of calling 
>  into question your scholarship as a Marxist,or your devotion and passion to
>your cause.It is not my
> intention to attack or denigrate you as a man.I only seek answers and
>clarification.I do not wish to see
> anyone no matter what  their leftist politics are,thrown off the list.
>                As a woman I do take exception to some of your suggestions
>for a new list.
>                                           "The absolute right to
>life",bourgeois feminism"---
>   I thought the right to life was universal?Maybe I misunderstand you on
>this point since I reject the
> politics of violence on personal and moral grounds.
>    As to bourgeois feminism.Do you object to feminism in general?As this is
>a male dominated list do
>  you feel that women should defer to the men on the list on certain
>political subjects?
>    I do question your choice of language and the methods you use in defense
>of your cause.Do you not
> want to draw people to your cause,rather than drive them away?
>    I also think you have been rather harsh on Zeynep.I am not rushing to her
>defense.I am sure that she
> is more then able to defend herself.
>    Now I think I'll go slip into something flame proof.
> Inyat Kahn

I will answer your query later on in Marxism-General since to do that I will
have to elaborate on the difference between proletarian feminism and
bourgeois feminism, and how one is a tool of liberation not only for women
but for all exploited and oppressed people, and another is a tool of
imperialism to deceive and slander the working people including the
revolutionary women.  

The reason I do this is because  - as I have already expressed - I will not
be contributing any of my opinions of mine to this list anymore - in its
present condition it does not deserve to hear a revolutionary voice in any
subject - I will only contribute to the debate on what steps should be taken
for it to become a proper venue where revolutionaries can contribute in a
principled way.

This will me from now on my procedure in all cases.  Those dreaming of
sidetracking the debate by raising this or that issue will only be answered
- if at all necessary to rebate any serious attacks - either in
Marxism-General or in Marxism News.  I do not subscribe to those lists so I
would not bother with further replys or debates, just answering genuine
queries for clarifications.

However, they may have to wait a while for the replys too, but then these
issues would no go away in the next few days, or would they?.

BTY: I just advance you this question to ponder by yourself, and likewise I
do not intend to respond any furher to this theme at present:  Your position
about being "too harsh" with Zeynept, does it have anything to do with the
fact that Zeynept is a woman?  Do you then mean I should not have been harsh
to her just because she is female, while is OK to be harsh with males?  That
is - in a nutshell - a bourgeois feminist idea, and as such, it has nothing
to do with Marxism, the proletariat, democracy, or equal rights of any sort!

Adolfo Olaechea  

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