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Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 21:37:07 +0100
Subject: M-I: Re: STALINLIST:For genuine Marxism and for the proletarian cause

Paul Z wrote:

>>From proposed list statement of purpose: "dedicated to uncompromising
>combat against bourgeois imperialist ideology within the ranks of the
>However, it seems Adolfo and Jay have forgotten the party position--the
>Soviet Union as capitalist and social-imperialist since 1956--and don't
>mind collaborating with Mark Jones--"Soviet socialism...lasted glorious
>seventy years, from 30 December 1922 to 31 December 1991" [Jones, 1/30/07,
>this list].
>Oh, my, Chairman Mao, where are you when you are needed for rectification?
>Signatories to the proposed list:
>> Jim Hillier (Communist Action Group - UK)
>> Mark Jones (UK)
>> Jay Miles (Peru Solidarity Committee - Detroit - USA)
>> Jacques Badouin (Action Socialiste - Canada)
>> Adolfo Olaechea (Sol Peru Committee - London - UK)

The question, of course, is who will get to shoot who first.

I tend to agree with Paul Z. Mark looks as if he's for the chop pretty
quick with that Brezhnevite deviation of his (and no organization to back
him up or bargain with for politbureau seats). Also, he's not illiterate...
Mind you, he's schizophrenic enough to have plenty of the thug in him, so
at least they'll have some sport breaking his spirit.

And when will they coopt Rolfie as Bonaparte?

Anyone interested in opening a book on the speed and order of expulsions
>from the Lenin List?

(Should be the Stalin List of course, but then the deceit factor would be
reduced unacceptably.)

I wish I could be there when they decide (I almost said "elect", silly me)
who is to be on the honorary presidium of the List besides Joe.



PS Cuddly old Mark just posted the following clarification:

>One thing that is for sure is that Levy from now on will get more than
>he gives in the insult department, and Levy, who is about as appetising
>as yesterday's rice krispies, will together with his other diarrhoeic
>friends, get wiped the floor with, theoretically speaking.
>We are back. Not that we were ever away. And we shall mercilessly punish
>Levy and other red-baiting jailbait agent-provocateur dickheads like
>So yes, Conduit. Welcome. We are waiting for you.
>Mark Jones

So all that talk about an AOL address is just another smoke screen. What
they're doing, now that they realized they didn't stand a chance of
hi-jacking M-I or changing some of the moderators, is creating a Vertual
Stalin List (VESTAL) in the interstices of Marxism-International, much as
the disembodied gods of Epicurus lived their life of exalted unconcern in
the interstices of nature.

So like stink-leeches they'll still be around to suck our blood when they
run low on nourishment, and they'll still smell to high heaven every time
they get squashed.

Ah well, can't win 'em all...

Cheers, again,


PPS Noor writes in relation to all this:

>The testosterone level does seem to get rather high on this list at
>times.I am
>sure most of you nice men must have wives and girlfriends that could help
>you with this problem,(sorry I don't make house calls).So,Gentlemen-relax

leading off on the relationship between sex, violence and Stalinism.
Unfortunately Noor doesn't penetrate very deeply into this problematic, so
I'd like her to elaborate a bit. However, perhaps this behaviour isn't so
much a problem as a solution that helps them get into a state where at last
they might be of some use to their wives and/or girlfriends. Also, she is a
bit sexist when she implies that only females would be able to assuage the
comrades' testosterone fever. Too many loose ends, Noor!



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