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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 09:51:14 +0000
Subject: M-I: For a Stalin Minilist

> Date:          Sat, 15 Mar 1997 13:12:34 +0000
> From:          Mark Jones <>
> To:            marxism-international-AT-jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
> Subject:       M-I: For a Dickhead Minilist
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I hope that the members of M-I treat this kind of posting  below with the 
contempt it deserves.  The Stalin list may survive in cyberspace but 
like Stalinism, which has nothing to do with Marxism and is a 
parasitical excrescence on the backs of the working class, its day has 
come. When parasites no longer have blood to suck, they die. Our task 
is to make sure that none of the remodeled prettified stalinioid/mensheviks 
who are out there vamping up social democracy as the next stop in the 
march of civilisation,  fall flat on their faces, the sooner the better. 
We cant do that unless we are part of a new revolutionary international, 
that doenst just TALK, PREACH, but ACTS to create a new leadership 
to lead workers to smash through the menshevik/bourgeois road blocks and 
take power.  Leave the Stalin list to take power to run their computers.  

For Permanent Revolution (including this list).

Mark Jones wrote:

> wrote:
> > 
> > In a message dated 97-03-12 17:19:24 EST, writes:
> > and NLR as a CIA aide ? perhaps "half-known" might just not be worthy of
> > comment. back in their heyday, Soviets used pat phrase of "it is well-known"
> > to float disinformation. as if this post could convince any rational person
> > that Doug Henwood is now to be considered suspect. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.
> Dear Autistic Rose
> For this posting you automatically get subscribed to the Dickhead
> Minilist, politburo members: Paul 'Vyshinsky' Xarembka, Walter 'Stalin's
> crimes were capitalist' Maud, Jerry Tutu Levy, Doctor Bedppan, et alia.
> Floating in the same bowge of hell you will find the editorial board of
> New Left Review (from 'we are the General Staf of the Revolution' --
> Robin Blackburn, chief prolapse, 1969; to: 'I am a slave of the
> CIA/MI6', Peter Gowan, aka Peter Green, aka Oliver Macdonald, aka Hillel
> Ticktin's brown-thumb, circa 1979).
> SHAME on you, Autistic Sphincter, for not KNOWING what we have all known
> for many years, namely, that the faggot-valhalla called New Left Review
> is
> actually an MI6 front and was always binarily dedicated to destroying
> the Soviet Union and secondarily to the endless search for tenure.
> The real Communists on this list understand that you cannot smash a turd
> with a lom, you only spread the mess; but we also know that a final
> reckoning with French Englishtenment Absolutism of the Absurd is COMING
> and I and my colleagues are glad to be coat-trailers thereof.
> If there is any thing in the above you did not understand, consult the
> Workers' Pedagogue, Zeyept Tofucogshoe.
> Mark 
> PS Leon Bronstein renamed himself after the judge, chap called Trotsky,
> who sent him down.
> I am thinking of renaming myself Mark Zarembka on the same basis. (judge
> Trotsky commited suicide).
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