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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 18:10:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: M-I: Stay calm, everybody

1. To Mark Jones: 
Please do not send anybody private or public death threats, especially to
Jerry Levy. I think everybody knows that you are deeply angry about what
is happening to the list, but these sorts of communications are not
productive. They simply allow Jerry to take center stage and indulge in
self-dramatization more appropriate to the third act of La Traviata rather
than a forum for Marxism. If you can not get over the need to verbalize
your ill-feelings, could I suggest that you say something like, "I am
going to come to NY and put a live lobster in your knickers." This gets
across the same idea but has less dire consequences.

2. To Kevin Cabral:  Kevin, I have already become bosom buddies with Alan
Wald. We have already made a date to go see "Private Parts" together. My
outburst at him and Solidarity was a family feud. When people you feel
close to make you angry, you tend to lash out. The people I have genuine
political animosity to --like Hugh Rodwell-- I generally don't speak to. 
My contretemps with him over Nicaragua is over. Carrol Cox, my true
superego, has seen to that. Once again, I urge people to consider joining
Solidarity. Recent problems with the CofC leave Solidarity as the only
viable non-sectarian socialist formation in the United States. (I also
urge people to consider the Communist Party, only if you make sure to stay
in close touch with Louis Godena after you join.)

3. To everybody else:  
Stick around, I have some brilliant posts in store. This weekend I will be
discussing John Roemer, Rigoberto Menchu and the question of corn. The
following week I will try to get to the bottom of the Lenin-Luxemburg
difference over the nationality question to launch the cyberseminar. These
two items will be instant classics. Short upon the heels of these efforts
will be some very high-class posts on the question of nationalism from
some of the stars on our list. Once we get rolling the interlopers will
have a hard time making themselves felt. When we have serious discussion
of Marxist topics, people with limited knowledge of politics will be left
in the dust. When I was young and my parents wanted to talk about some
private matters, they would converse in Yiddish. I used to go to my room
until they started speaking in English again. I simply had nothing to
contribute while they were speaking in Yiddish. That is what will happen
when we start to raise the theoretical level of the list to where we left
off last month before I went on my vacation. The children on our mailing
list will go to their room because they have nothing to say to the adults.

Louis Proyect

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