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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 05:04:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: M-I: Re: M-G: A MALECKI IN CHADOR!

In a message dated 97-03-31 14:37:48 EST, (Doug Henwood)

<< Look, pinhead, what ever the fuck have you contributed? You kvetch about
 everyone else, but I've never seen you make a constructive contribution to
 anything. Take your cretinous witticisms and go bug some Hayekians.

excuse me. i didnt realize that i was relegated to the status of an observer.
by the way, i do think that it is constructive to ask stalinists to assume
responsibility for their marxism which has left such a foul taste in the
mouths of people who can read and think and react like humans. 

now, its also about the language thing. pinhead is a derisive term for
microcephalics. fuck is a term of almost universal male aggression. there is
nothing which i have written which is "cretinous." as for the Hayekians,
again i guess i flunk your academic club since i wouldnt recognize one if i
walked into her.

apparently there are many "marxists" here who are part of the Club i remember
>from twenty and thirty years ago. the Guys with the Answers who shut others
up if they asked simple questions or voiced simple reactions. how you must
conduct yourself when confronted by a real live member of the working class.
of course, unless she listens or agrees. sometimes, less if more and simple
is best. for the past several weeks, i have read wildly sexist attacks,
authoritative and authoritarian pronouncements with no apparent rational
basis, and repeated excuses for inexcusable verbal attacks. 

i am not microcephalic. what the fuck i have contributed is not,
unfortunately, in the "realm of theory" but in the realm of necessity. i have
spent decades working with poor workers to assist in organizing for food,
housing, health care and to keep state bureaucrats out of their lives. i am
not one of the socialist scholars but one of the nameless socialist doers. i
am not paid, subsidized or underwritten by any foundation, periodical,
university or institution. i do not believe that i need or require your
permission to participate here nor your approval. if i am wrong about that, i
will gladly end any further participation. i would request, however, that you
demonstrate some minimal civility. talking trash is done by trash. socialist
is as socialist does. and socialists dont rely upon demeaning epithets,
exclusionary appeals or sophomoric put downs.

if you are representative of what a socialist has become, it is not only the
culture which has been cheapened. and it is not only the left which is the

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