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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 09:08:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: M-I: Utica Rose, go away

"Utica Rose":
>excuse me. i didnt realize that i was relegated to the status of an observer.

Louis Proyect:
Utica Rose, you are an anticommunist troll. You are the sort of thing that
used to plague the old M1 list, which you once made an appearance on, if I
recall. We were visited from time to time by "Ostrakha", "Sanjii" and you.
What you had in common was an anonymous AOL tag and unrelenting hatred for
communism. We also had libertarians who would drop in from time to time. You
all represent the same thing. You are not interested in a conversation but
in writing graffiti that nobody has any motivation to reply to.

You are like the occasional white male student who takes a college black
studies or feminism class. You slouch in your seat with a baseball cap
turned backward waiting for the opportunity to argue with the teacher or
other students. You want to show those "true believers" how wrong they are.
Meanwhile, the women and minority students, and the sincere male or white
students, are glaring at you. They wonder what the hell you are doing
enrolled in such a class, if you think that the basic purpose of the class
is questionable. You are a disrupter.

It has been a couple of months since you have been repeating the same basic
message each day in a monomaniacal fashion. You are not interested in
discussing issues of Marxism, but in telling Marxists that they are not
involved in a legitimate theoretical project. This, I believe, constitutes a
violation of the charter of marxism-international and it would be a good
idea for the moderators to expel you.

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