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Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 05:04:31 +0000
Subject: M-I: Despatch from the Stalinist Front

Lou Proyect wrote

> Even after the nasty
> "Stalinists" have fled

We didn't flee (if he means us). We are still here. But we won't
intervene in a List moderated as this one is.

Flight implies fear or defeat, which is hardly the case.

We continue to debate the counter-revolutionary role of women like 
Zeynep, on LL of course. Our real target was never her personally, 
it was the self-indulgent liberalism and colonial pedagogic-patronage 
of the Jefferson crowd whose desire to pluck likely-looking natives from
the colonies, educate them and send them back, is the sort of thing
Bernard Shaw and HG WEll were doing in the more civilised era when
Britain ruled the waves.

We are in good heart. We have been genuinely surprised by the number of
subscribers to the LeninList. We continue to debate Stalin even, and
Chris Burford but not Gerry Levy is welcome to bring his thoughts there
(sorry, Chris, but we are not going to debate you here, because then the
bottom-crawlers will rise from the silt again).

The is a home for anyone who wants serious marxist
debate. I invite others to join in addition to the many who already

As for me, I am still working on my answer to Justin Schwartz's
questions on the fate of property relations under socialism which wil
also be in LL.

I also plan to put on LL my lucubrations on the emasculation (I choose
my word) of language in the cause of bourgeois feminism (ALL feminism is

That is part of the feminist assault on revolutionary politics

I also plan to respond (on LL) to the most interesting remark on
feminism in
this discussion, which is Doug Henwood's contention that atavism
will continue to exist even under socialism (I shall begin with a
definition of female atavism, masquerading as victim-psychology). 

I shall continue to argue that feminism
is a fragmenter of the working class and therefore an obstacle, snare
and delusion in the way of the *social* emancipation of women. 

Our goal on LL by the wayis the humble one of eliminating capitalism. 
We recognise that
eliminating the nasty evolutionary by-products incorporated in both male
and female brains (the bit left over from lizards) is a larger task
historically, and one best left for socialism. Especially since the
endless reploughing of this same feminist field since Alice S Rossi's
'Feminist Papers' was published (before most feminists on this list were
born), has done nothing to reduce the murder rate in NY despite the
immense number of fulbright bursaries etc which have been generated for
bourgoeis feminists to study the problem meantime (the most moving
contributions to this list have been Gay Harley's -- how right she is to
emphasise the degree of male violence and how much of an indicator that
continuing mass tragedy is that nothing has changed, despite thirty
years of revolutionaries being told by feminists that 'we cannot wait
for socialism' and that it is another male trap and a political
double-burden to say we should).

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