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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 07:06:15 +0200
Subject: Re: M-I: Malcolm X's evolution toward socialism

At 12:28 1997-04-21 +0900, you wrote:
>> I heard Malcolm X gave his famous "Bullet or the Ballot" speech at a
>> meeting sponsored by the Militant newspaper on January 7, 1965 19 days
>I support Spartacist League's revolutionary integrationism.
>Please read Spartacist pablication "Richard Fraser (Prometheus
>Research Series 3)".
>I read Breitman's book "Last year of Malcolm X" Japanese
>edition (translated into Japanese by a CPer), but I couldn't 
>agree him.
>Tokyo, Japan

Ahh! What have we here! Welcome to the list Fujimoto:) If you have been
following the discussions. Another supporter of Spartacist politics is
about to be executed by the neo-Stalinist Menshevik crowd here on M-I. Of
course it is classical Stalinist bureaucratic organisational manuvres
connected to gagging the free flow of information in other words stop the
Trotskyists from crossposting to other lists. If they are successful then
the responsibility lies with you to carry the banner high and against the

By the way have you subscribed to Marxisn-general? There are some very
interesting people their also. A Russian moving towards Trotskyism, a crazy
Maoist from Sweden among others. Check it out.

Warm Regards and Communist greetings

Bob Malecki

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