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Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 14:17:38 -0400
Subject: Re: M-I: Re: League of Substitute Sparticist Webmasters

Craig writes;

> I don't know who Brown is , but I would like to thank him for the lift I
>got from his phrase.  It's not often enough that popular culture gets
>to show itself here ( I also enjoyed the Segall  movie reviews)
> My only question is: Who will explain it to Cde. Malecki
>"The Workers' Kale Is Deepest Red..."
>Craig Olson
Well actually their is nothing to explain. Brown's phrases I actually have 
nothing against and in fact Brown and I agree with many things politically. 
In fact Brown has shown quite often very good political principles.But 
Brown's phrases were not the point of the letter.

The point was not saying something that is not true connected to the party 
question. And he agrees and has apoligized and I will this evening put up a 
link to the page that he has devoted to the ICL/Spartacists. Some of the 
stuff their is quite crucial for those who want to be Communist 

Bolshevik/Leninists and those claiming to be "Trotskyists" fight alot. Ask 
Dave and Hugh on this list! But  unlike the Stalinists and neo Stalinists we 
do not turn too organizational manovres and cop/agent baiting or bans and 
exclusions to stop political opponents. The latest rounds around Aldolfo anf 
the "Lenin" list a great example of this garbage. Not to mention political 
cowards like Carrol. In fact Carrol is far worse then Aldolfo or his friend 
Godena who has become a frontman for Aldolfo on M-I. rather then just saying 
to Aldolfo come back and fight it out. Carrol is always whining along with 
his mentor Proyect delete and ignore people. What they fear most is those 
horrible names like neo Stalinist and Menshevik that they are being called. 
In fact these people are exactly the kind of human material which was the 
backbone of Stalin's purge of the Bolshevik party! In Proyect's casr far worse..

So if you don't know who Brown his I suggest going to my homepage a bit 
later on today. By then I will have his site linked to my page. P.S Brown 
gives out a Internet rag called "Red Cabbage" I recommend it highly to you 
and others on the list. You can subscribe to it by sending a letter to Brown 
at <>...

And if you think his phrases are funny you should see him when he really 
gets going!

Warm regards 
Bob Malecki
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