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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 10:44:06 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: M-I: Is the issue "Browderism" or the Popular Front?

To marxism-international:

Normally, I would simply ignore a post as scatterbrained as Lou Proyect's
latest effort.  We certainly don't need any more Maleckis, with their
Book-of-the-Month Club psychologizing and street-stupid pretzel logic,
re-ordering the normal course of dottiness on m-i.

Do we?

However, Louis P has so egregiously misrepresented me -- breezily
attributing to me views which are the exact opposite of those I hold -- that
I must utter a word or two in absolution.  I won't even respond to his
addled assessment of the Comintern or of Stalin.  Likewise, I won't rise to
the bait set by Heartfield and others who give us merely regurgitated lies
more at home at the Hoover Institution (like the Trotsky papers); they can
instead feed that to their deservedly minute audiences who read their shitty
little magazines, and, hopefully, leave the rest of us in peace.  

Lou tells us:

> Two Communists, current m-i lurker Charlotte Kates and ex-list
>member Scott Marshall, have urged us to vote for the party of Zionism, Wall
>Street finance capital and imperialist war. Lou Godena is uncomfortable
>with this position, but has never come to terms with it ideologically.

I am a bit more than "uncomfortable with this position"; I find it repugnant
in the extreme, and I have said so again and again.  I will not speak here
for my friend Charlotte, but I am confident that her views are closer to
mine than to Comrade Scott's, who has made it the focus of his remaining
years to expel me from the Communist party (so far, unsuccessfully) as a
heretic.  I believe that *all* leftists -- regardless of their individual
views -- belong in the Communist party, and that all views socialist should
be welcome there. If such a view prevailed, we would have a far different
party, and a far different quality of leadership.  

> The social democratic DSA and Lou
>Godena's party are always finding excuses why we shold vote for Democrats,
>like Lyndon Johnson or Hubert Humphrey or Walter Mondale. 

Listen to this guy; the "social democratic DSA and Lou Godena's party", as
if I would not rather be ruled by Pol Pot than by Barbara Ehrenreich,
Manning Marable, or Bernie Saunders.  Christ, I consider the DSA and the ISO
almost as distasteful as the Klan or the Nazis, though for different
reasons.  And I have said so, publicly.   In fact, of all the "lurkers" and
otherwise on m-i, I have been the most open, the most public, the most
honest, about where I live, where I've been, who I am, and so forth.  There
is simply no excuse for Lou P to distort my views in this fashion.

So there.

Louis Godena,

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