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Date: 	Fri, 10 Oct 1997 12:00:29 -0800
Subject: Re: M-I: Re: Zizek on PKs

To any reader of Living Marxism, James H's reply is not surprising--the PK
reflects the 'feminisation' of culture.

>I do think that the promise keepers are a retrograde step - but not
>because they are in any way combatative, or self-asserting, but because
>they are not combatative, or self-asserting.

Except in the household or against homosexuals of course. I suggested that
men will be encouraged to force women on the behalf of capital to do more
unpaid work and and get more out of those stagnant wages while men are to
reduce their moral horizon to the family and focus on keeping their
promises to it.  I didn't call them proto-fascist because they will be
goose-stepping but because they will--as ricardo has eloquetly argued--fail
to develop the culture of their class which includes women and men.  This
is a kind of mass gathering that only serves to further privatize and
atomize people in their concerns and in their conduct while inculcating
them into obedience to moralistic authoritarian figures.  Also, I raised
the persistent question of how participation in evil can be carried out by
good, sensitive family men.

At any rate, if I am going to take this discussion to a higher level, I
will have to think over the analysis of the family in Fraco Ferrarotti's
"The Struggle of Reason against Total Bureaucratization" in Foundations of
the Frankfurt School of Social Research, ed. Judith Marcus and Zoltan Tar.


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