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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 00:40:33 +0100
Subject: M-I: multicultural bourgeoisie

In message <l03102807b0655a4b3ee0-AT-[]>, Doug Henwood
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>It's not only the US high bourgeoisie that rejects bigoted rhetoric.
>Today's Financial Times has an op-ed piece denouncing the racist ravings of
>Lord Norman Tebbit, who denounced multiculturalism. The FT, in its role as
>one of the organs of the haute bourgeoisie, said that British big capital
>rejected Stormin' Norman as "a rather unpleasant dinosaur" (quoting one of
>the top advisers to the Conservative leader, William Hague). Ditto the
>Australian high bourgeoisie in its reaction to the anti-Asian ravings of
>Pauline Hanson.
>This could all change should things take a more critical turn, but right
>now, the h.b. has embraced "diversity."

Doug's point is not as extraordinary as it sounds.

Diversity, multiculturalism, even a dislike of old-fashioned bigotry are
quite common amongst ruling elites these days.

Of course, this is not any concession to progressive pressure. On the
contrary. Respecting 'diversity' in this case means accepting social
division. Multiculturalism is the modern form of divide and rule. And
old-fashioned bigotry is rejected - especially if it can be pinned on
the lumpen masses - in favour of a modern, politcally correct bigotry.

James Heartfield

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