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Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 10:46:38 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: M-I: Bulletin - U. of Illinois GEO Meets With Administration 

========================Graduate Employees' Organization Representatives Meet with Administration

 Co-Presidents Buri Banerjee and Ed Hertenstein, along with IFT 
 Representatives Karen McKenzie and Tom Amato, met at 1:00 pm October 7 
 with representatives of the administration of the University of Illinois 
 at Urbana-Champaign, Steve Veazie, University Counsel, and Judith 
 Rowen, Associate Chancellor.  The meeting came in response to continued 
 GEO public action.
 The GEO representatives engaged the administration over concerns which 
 the University has with recognition.  The administration representatives 
 expressed their concern that a traditional "industrial model" of 
 collective bargaining would not be good for the University or for 
 graduate employees.  They also expressed concern that collective 
 bargaining would not be compatible with the University's new 
 decentralized management model, called Responsibility Centered Management.

 GEO representatives stressed that the resolution of the legal case will 
 not resolve the administration's concerns.  They pointed out that if the 
 legal case is resolved in favor of the administration, nothing will 
 change, as the GEO will continue to push for voluntary recognition.  And, 
 if the legal case is resolved in favor of the GEO, the administration 
 will be locked into an "industrial model" of collective bargaining by 
 law.  Therefore, the administration should continue to talk with the GEO 
 about voluntary recognition, in which both sides can negotiate creative 
 solutions that are mutally beneficial.

 The meeting continued for an hour and fifteen minutes, and GEO 
 representatives suggested another meeting in order to continue this 
 discussion.  Associate Chancellor Rowan and Mr. Veazie said 
 they need to "consult," and will get back to the GEO about a future 



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