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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 13:10:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: M-I: Re: bombs away! (again)

(1) Louis G wrote:

> Yes, my farm is in Jamestown, though I live at 1720 Diamond Hill Road in
> Cumberland, which is one mile south of exit 11, off of Interstate 295.  To
> reach the farm, take 95N to the third Rhode Island exit.  Follow Route 138
> East until you reach the Jamestown Bridge (over Narragansett Bay).  After
> crossing the bridge, take the first exit (Helm Street) up to North Road.
> Take a left onto North Road, proceed past the reservoir about one and a half
> miles.  The farm encompasses both sides of North Road (the official number
> is 891, I believe).  Don't go in the driveway.  Instead park in the bushes
> about 100 yards on the right.  Tiptoe quietly into the woods on the right,
> climb over the stone wall, and come up behind the stables (shortly after
> dusk is the best time).  About this time you should come to a series of
> wooden gates and barways.  You should have by this time, too, run into
> Russel Clark, my foreman.  He's the one with the Remington 12 gauge shotgun
> and the K-bar.

Thanks for the directions, Lou. Perhaps I will visit you next time I make
it up to that neck of the "woods". (my family lives not too far away, in
New London, and when visiting them I sometimes drive to Jamestown and
nearby Newport).

Imagine: such a farm only a few miles away from the mansions in Newport!
I had no idea that  you belonged to *that* class. Perhaps someday we'll be
able to turn on the tele and see you, your farm, and your wage slave on
"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

But, aren't you a little bit embarrassed? I mean Louis Godena -- "the
Marxist with a foreman."  Russel Clark -- hired gun, wage slave, foreman
(of how many others?). No doubt, Vito Corleone wasn't protected so well.
(on the other hand, with "friends" like Adolfo, you *need* protection).

> From: It <>
> Subject: M-I: Stooping to Levy's level
> Jerry Levy
> is a destructive troll and you are stooping to his level.

Look who's talking!

The last time I stooped to It's level was over the weekend in Central
Park. There, in the ritzy Upper West Side, I saw It in the flesh! The "It
sighting" occurred after I picked up a moss-encrusted stone. Underneath
the rock -- squirming around -- was It: the s----h itself ... still
claiming that Bob M is a FBI agent. 


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