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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 19:40:55 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Re: M-I: bombs away!

Steady on, Jerry:

>Inasmuch as Louis G has abused his authority as "moderator" by persisting,
>despite frequent protests from numerous sources,  in his forwarding of
>Adolfo's posts to this network; and

'Frequent protests' doesn't mean (in this case) numerous protesters. A 
number of subscribers have voiced their disapproval, some strongly. A 
slightly smaller number have implicitly accepted Louis G.'s defence as 
reasonable. To some of these, myself included, the issue of free expression 
(of political views) on this list is also central. In view of Louis G.'s 
record as a reasonably impartial moderator, I think he should be allowed a 
degree of latitude in the matter, in line with the principle that 
contributions of interest or importance from non-members may from time to 
time be passed on to the list for discussion. Given Louis G.'s political 
positions it would be too much to ask that he nobly disqualify Adolfo from 

>Inasmuch as Adolfo, the spineless coward and Stalionoid maker of death
>threats, refuses to join this list; and

And just as well. Ignoring him would be a lot harder if he did.

>Inasmuch as Louis G has now established a precedent regarding the
>forwarding of posts by non-members,
>Be it hereby *resolved* that:
>a) any member of this list may forward any number of messages from
>   non-members to the list regardless of their content as spam

I don't think this is likely to happen in practice.

>b) there are no moderators;
>c) there are no list rules;

Try exceeding your three-post-a-day limit, or call cop, and see what happens.
Well there are exceptions. Some people get away with murder.

>d) spam and flames are encouraged

Things have stayed on a remarkably even keel so far. No sense in giving 
people ideas.

>e) we will now have to re-engage Adolfo in discussion by talking about
>   (among other topics) --
>   -- the killing fields of Kampuchea and the role of Maoists in defending
>        genocide;
>   -- cannibalism during the Cultural Revolution;
>   -- the Shiny Shit (do you remember Carlos :-)) and their role in
>        murdering leftists and terrorizing workers and peasants in Peru;
>   -- reformist opportunism and Maoism as symbolized by popular frontism
>        and their desire to enter into power with the capitalists (do you
>        remember Mao's classic reformist work called _On New
>        Democracy_?);
>   -- death threats against leftists by the leader of the "Stalin
>        Society";
>   -- "The Flaming Path" (do you remember the _Village Voice_ article?);
>   -- the disintigration of the Stalinlist;
>   -- why Adolfo writes as if he were a rabid dog;

No we won't. That's what your delete button is for.

>   -- why anyone in their right mind would take him or his perspectives
>        seriously.

Exactly. So keep your hair on.

Stuart Sheild

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