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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 01:56:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: M-I: Re: bombs away! (again and again)

On Tue, 14 Oct 1997, Gerald Levy wrote:

> You want to see me "permanently expelled"?  Your Stalinism is showing
> again.  
> Where were you ... (on vacation? ... missing-in-action?) ... when a
> certain listmember accused Bob M and others of being US government
> agents?  Or am I being totally unrealistic in expecting you [sometimes] to
> be consistent and principled?

Louis Proyect, for all his faults and errors (accusing Bob Malecki of
being an agent of the US govt. without any proof was a big mistake),
is the one person on this list who contributes serious, well researched,
and knowledgable posts. This is obvious to any one whether they agree
with his argument or not. It is the redeeming side of his personality
in comparison to which his faults and other quirks of character are
minor and secondary. 

In your case, as far as I can remember, you have never contributed any
thing of substance to this list. Instead what you have done is flaming,
provocation and disruption. And also dehumanization (e.g., your
previous post). You also use reactionary terms like "Stalinoid" to
describe your enemies. Faced with this evidence and since we are limited
by this medium, what is one to conclude? For, I have not seen any postive
features (and correct me if I am wrong) which can balance your negative

Of course, you can disprove what I have said above by writing something
(anything - in which you feel comfortable) for the list. And please do
not take this as a threat since you are prone to making wild leaps
of fancy (e.g., reaction to Adolfo's  "iron broom" metaphor). In lieu,
and if you continue to make provocations, I will stand by my
recommendation to the moderators to have you expelled from this list.
After all, you should grant that liberalism (especially that which
encourages incorrigible behavior) should not be tolerated.

S. Chatterjee    

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