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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 09:53:34 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: M-I: Co-moderation and self-moderation...

Gary, I agree with Dennis's sentiments. I know the history of these 
disputes, having followed this l*ist and it's predecessors for 2 years. I 
simply have come to the opinion that one of the most disruptive activities 
on this l*ist is discussion about the l*ist. Carrol Cox's delete strategy 
appears to be the best. Yes, some good people have been driven off this 
list by flame wars, but trying to put a cap on flame wars or certain 
individuals seems to stir up bigger flame wars. In my fantasy world some 
people would be controlled and some people would never appear on this l*ist 
(I'm sure we all have a variation on that fantasy), but getting there would 
kill this l*ist. Let's be happy for the 3-a-day cap and its success to 

Thanks for your thoughtful input and respect...much appreciated.
Gay Harley

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Gary MacLennan <> wrote:
>At 02:18 PM 10/14/97 -0500, you (Dennis G.) wrote:
>>The M-I list is certainly a lively place with lots of strong opinions 
>>being expressed forcefully on a daily basis.  While this is a hell of a 
>>lot better than having a list that is dead in the water, it would serve 
>>us all better to exercise some self-moderation.  As co-moderator of M-I I 
>>would hate to have to act like some sort of cop and attempt to shut 
>>people up if I think they are getting way "out of line" (whatever that 
>>is!).  I don't relish this sort of a role.  On the other hand, it is 
>>important to keep M-I rolling along without epic flamewars and infantile 
>>name-calling.  Some M-I subscribers who are here to keep in touch with 
>>like-minded individuals and pick-up news from around the world get really 
>>turned of if they have megaloads of venomous and pointless messages 
>>on their accounts instead.  I am sure you can understand why some would 
>>I want to encourage comrades who have personal problems with other 
>>comrades on M-I to resort to personal e-mails rather than burden 
>>everybody with petty squabbles.
>>Dennis Grammenos

>I have the greatest respect for yourself and Gay.  But there is an issue 
of>substance here that neither of you appear to be addressing.  The problem
>started with a row on the Lenin list.  For some reason Louis Godena then
>acting as sole moderator (Jon and Zeynep having long given up the ghost)
>tried to intervene and provoke a flame war on this list by posting 
Adolfo's>stuff about the battle with Jim Hillier.  Adolfo is not a member 
of this>list.  He has openly expressed the kind of disdain for it that 
Louis Godena>obviously feels for most of the members.  
>The affair on the Lenin list was properly the concern of that list.  But
>ever since "the Castro is a fascist nonsense"  we have been regaled by
>provocative posts from a non-member.  
>Let me say it out clear, Dennis (and Gay will read this) I suggest that 
you>talk to Louis Godena and get a guarantee from him that he will desist 
from>the practice of cross-posting.  Should Adolfo join the list that is
>entirely another matter.
>But please Dennis I think it does not get us anywhere to have injunctions
>from the moderators when one of them actually started this whole fracas.
>Put your (plural) own house in order first.  *Please*
>Again with sincere respect

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