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2. labor management partnership...

3. The Labor Party again!

4. Re: Revisionism in Sweden

(Please feel free to circulate the following document if you do so
in its entirety.)


Dated 10/14/97

The arrests by the FBI on 10/4/97 of three local activists
for alleged espionage included a member of the Metro DC Chapter
of the Committees of Correspondence, Theresa Squillacote.
Also, several other members of the chapter have received
subpoenas to appear before a Grand Jury in Alexandria, VA.

In the last year, we have gotten to know Terry as a sincere,
deeply motivated, and intelligent activist. She is well-liked
and respected as a person and for her contributions to the
work of the chapter. We have gotten to know her as a concerned,
active member of her community, and as a loving mother and friend.

In a vital principle that we hope would apply to us all,
she and the others arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

We believe that supporting justice requires that we do not
individually, nor organizationally pre-judge Terry and the
others based on alleged acts, however much these charges offend us.

Friends, please keep in mind, all we have so far are FBI and
government accusations. Remember that these institutions have
not always told the truth nor only charged the guilty.

=A0=A0=A0 You may have watched FBI agents state as part of the
=A0=A0=A0 "facts" against them, that they tried to "overthrow the
=A0=A0=A0 US government!" and the press added to this propaganda
=A0=A0=A0 claiming "they simply hated the USA!" We know Terry no
=A0=A0=A0 more hates the USA than any of you who love what is
=A0=A0=A0 good and feels committed to work against what is
=A0=A0=A0 harmful in our country.

=A0=A0=A0 What if you too were accused of trying "to overthrow
=A0=A0=A0 the government" and of "hating the USA"=A0 because you
=A0=A0=A0 actively disliked the policies and practices that
=A0=A0=A0 promote racism, poverty, and oppression in our country?

It is reported that a senior member of the SACP, Ronnie Kasrils
(also Deputy Minister of Defense), asserted "that there was no
'involvement' of the SACP or any of its membership in this
covert and misguided attempt by the FBI to set up a 'sting'
operation." Deputy Kasrils was sent a letter by [Terry] after
she had read his book, in which she congratulated him. He
subsequently sent a Christmas card thanking her for her message.
This was intercepted by the FBI [which] hatched its plot to
entrap the 'spies'. The FBI then forged a letter using Deputy
Kasrils name etc., and sent it to [Terry] informing her that
South African intelligence was interested in obtaining secret
documents. The report concluded that a meeting was set up with
the false 'South African' (an FBI agent) to access the documents
and the FBI pounced.

It is ironic that these people were accused of conspiring to
help the new, post apartheid South African government. What is
it that the US government fears could be revealed?.

Regardless of the accusations, it is vital to all our efforts
for a better and more just America that we stand up for our
rights, legal and political. For our right to be activists,
for our friends and comrades. Most of all, we must not cave in
to intimidation and fears by association, especially those
delivered as part of an obvious political agenda. We have sadly
watched the growth of the right in this country and the growing
dominance of global corporations.

There is great danger to all of us if the general public and even
progressives react to the 1950's McCarthyist tone of these
accusations, especially if this time round, we are too fragmented
and afraid to respond.

Therefore, we call on all progressive individuals and organizations
to actively support justice for Terry and the other accused.
We call all those who believe the USA can be a better place,
all those who understand democracy and justice are not secured if
citizens are cowed into silence, all supporters of social justice,
real democracy and a socialism that can work, to join in this defense
of our common rights.

=A0=A0=A0 We specifically call on the national Committees of
=A0=A0=A0 Correspondence actively to support these peoples'
=A0=A0=A0 right to be considered innocent and treated as innocent
=A0=A0=A0 until proven guilty and to the right to real justice.

With others, we will seek to establish a defense committee and
will pass on much needed contributions.

While as usual, the members of our chapter have very different
opinions and reactions to these events, we do agree that if we
don't defend their rights, we are all in greater jeopardy.

Statement prepared by members of the
The Metro DC Committee of Correspondence
P.O. Box 11109, Washington, DC=A0 20008-0309

(Please feel free to circulate this document if you do so in
its entirety.)

labor management partnership...

I have watching this debate with a certain amount of interest. As this was
tried during the 70ties in Sweden on a rather broad scale and turned out to
be a complete failure when push comes to shove. The point being that the
fundamental contradiction between labor and capital is never solved- only
pushed to the side lines and in fact building illusions that these kind of
schemes actually could work.

In fact the Swedish model went out with scumming profits off the top of a
and turning these profits into stocks as part owner of the company. It
lasted a few years and when the right-wing came to power in the eighties the
first think they did was dismantle this stuff. Because by then the Soviet
Union was falling apart and they were screaming victory...

In fact the unions here in Sweden which are controlled by the Social
democracy tried to make "labor manage partnership" a big number in some sort
of utopian way to a state of mixed economy where all of the contradictions
between labor and capital would disappear in the process. What happened in
reality was that the unions got to decide which color curtains one could
have in the union local in the plant and the rest was ignored by the bosses.

Labor management cooperation was used under the laws of capitalism and
profit.This lead to that these kinds of schemes led to the unions helping
the bosses to downsize, monopolize certain industries, and in general
collaborators where today we have mass unemployment, gigantic cuts in the
Social sector and the dismantling of the welfare state. This is what the
result of labor cooperation meant in reality!

The scheme was used to police the workers into doing more overtime-ignoring
environmental hazards, justifying downsizing for the good of the company
rather then the central task of defending the working class and its
collective interests as a whole.

A reformist pipedream that helps weaken the unions-strengthen the bosses and
pits one worker against another. So I think that these kinds of illusions
being defended by trade unionists is dangerous and in fact in the final
analysis anti-union and anti-working class.

By the way this kind of stuff which was used to weaken the unions and turned
workers into good capitalists only meant the weakening of the class and the
union as a whole. This connected to the opening up of the labor market in
the east European states has sent the Swedish model to the trash pile. No
longer needed when workers in the Baltic states can do the job for a tenth
of the labor costs and unions don't exist at all. The capitalist always
everywhere defend there own interests. To think that these kinds of schemes
will lead anywhere except to the destruction of the unions and the atomizing
of the working class until a better solution for the bosses turn up. So
anybody defending this kind of shit is in fact becoming part of the problem
and ally of the bosses rather then fighting in the interests of working
class people..

If we are really going to talk about the working class as unionists we have
to put all these kinds of schemes on the dustbin of history. The bosses
NEVER are on the side of the working class. There only interest is making
sure that they stay on top-keeping ownership and all vital decisions for
themselves while tricking workers into believing that they are there comrades.

Today these kinds of schemes are in reality spitting in the face of working
class solidarity when we have unemployment levels on the level of the
depression here in Europe. It is also a fundamental break with trade
unionism in the defense of the working class as a whole. The "new" Social
Democracy started all these kinds of schemes more as and appeal to the
middle class ideology of every man for himself
and as a sop to the trade union bureaucracy to spend more time in the room
of the board of directors thinking up ways to screw workers in order to make
more profits.

I think that a new leadership in the unions must go back to the fundamentals
of defending the class as a whole both those with jobs and the millions that
are on the dole. Instead of talking about making a deal with the local
bosses=A0 we should be fighting for shorter working hours, and the more
traditional trade union demands. We must be Internationalist in our
orientation. And in the final analysis realize that the capitalists and the
bosses have always and will always be the deadly enemy of poor and working
class people.

I will stop there for now..

Warm regards
Bob Malecki
The Labor Party again!

Jim wrote;

>=A0=A0 I welcome replies from serious people who want to build the party through
>our 28th Amendment Petition Campaign.
>=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Jim Apsey, LP Detroit

I like Jim's letter! He sounds like a really honest militant activist of the

Actually a very interesting letter! Which certainly poses some very serious
questions. But first I would like to say something about his claim that the
"leadership" in Detroit are "Trotskyists". I doubt it very much. And I
certainly would like some proof from him that these people are Trotskyists.
Because real Trotskyists would not touch the LP with a ten foot pole at present!

But let us get down to the concrete political questions he poses. My
impression is that Jim is one of those people who really wants to stand on
the side of poor and working class people. He wants to roll up his sleeves
and get out their and do some work. In this case he wants to get lots of
people to sign a petition which opposes the "Welfare reform act" I assume.
Nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with going door to door in order
to get people to sign a petition. I think that this kind of campaign
connected to others could be one of the ways to build the Labor Party. But
the problem he faces is hardly a couple of "Trotskyists" in the leadership
in Detroit who are unserious about this kind of stuff.

The real problem is that the LP leadership nationally hardly want to
organize poor people INDEPENDENTLY at all! In fact they are opposed to this.
This is because the line is not to build a mass party of poor and working
class people. But a party based on the unions and present pro democratic
party trade union bureaucrats who do not want to break with the democrats
but want to use the LP platform as=A0 a left cover for their own political
capitulation. And naturally every four years to call for a vote for the

They don't mind a bit of mindless activism around the welfare bill and
opposing it. But they definitely do not want and eventual building of a mass
party of poor and working class people that gets out of their control. They
do not want to get out their and run candidates on the local or national
level on their own program. They want Jim to work his ass off not to build
and Independent LP but a party that is tied to the coattails of the
Democrats. That is what the real problem is!

Thus if this campaign was to be handled correctly on lets say three points
then it would not be a couple of fake Trotskyists that Jim would have to
deal with but the entire leadership that presently controls the Labor Party!

I think the three points that would correctly show this point would be going
out in the streets with this petition opposing the welfare reform
bill-connected to saying we are the LP who have broken with the
Democrats--and we want to build both local and national locals based on both
trade union chapters and chapters in all poor and working class living
areas.. So we not only want you to sign this petition but also help us build
a local organization for poor and working class people in this neighborhood.

Because the only serious reason for having such a campaign around a
particular burning question is that it not only opposes it but gives a
political answer of what a party is going to too about it!

Does the present LP have this line? Of course not! They are hardly
interested in building a really independent alternative for poor and working
class people. The debate time and again shows that the deviling line goes
between a leadership that wants to tie its coattails to the Democratic Party
through its union affiliation and block vote mentality. Connected to
mindless activity like this petition which opposes the welfare reform bill
but stops their from saying break with the democrats and build a labor party.

The exact opposite course needs to be taken by all serious people like Jim
who really want to get out their and change things. The "Trotskyists" are
not Jim's problem and not even these fakers in Detroit who you claim are
Trotskyist. Invite them on to this list to defend themselves Jim and I can
tell you that there are some real Trotskyists like myself who will eat them
alive! More then likely they are some workerist romantic fakers who want to
suck up to the trade union bureaucracy rather then getting out their and
trying to build a real independent alternative to the two parties of the
rich. By the way real Trotskyists would not touch the Labor Party with a ten
foot pole! They deserve NO critical support what so ever until they clearly
say that they have broken with the Democrats and=A0 are and independent party
who sees the Democratic party as and obstacle rather then and ally.

We need real and new leaders and fighters that want to organize the millions
upon millions of people both in and outside of trade unions and in the
neighborhoods to a new political force on the American scene. Leaders from
the community and leaders from the unions--poor and working class people
that want to really fight and build and independent alternative to the twin
parties of the rich. But before you get out their and do the work Jim I
suggest that the National leadership of the LP make a declaration saying
that they have irrevocably broken with the democrats and are a real
independent alternative to the democrats. Not just a declaration but a
central part of the propaganda in these types of campaigns connected to
building local organizations in every neighborhood and every work place..

Because the condition for being successful is that the LP leadership dump
their pro democratic and pro union Democratic party bureaucracy stance and
go out to the millions in there own name. And honestly say that we break
with these parties and all those who support these parties in order to build
a new party.

So the real problem is not a couple of fakers in Detroit my friend. But the
entire political strategy of the leadership of the LP.

Down with the Welfare reform act!

Break with the Democrats..

For LP locals in every neighborhood and every trade union on their own program..

And until you start acting and doing things like this real Trotskyists on
principle say not one finger of help or critical support to these LP fakers.
Because the LP deserves at this point no support. But I am on your side
because I see you want to get out their and do something. But you are
pointing the gun in the wrong direction with your criticisms.

Warm regards
Bob Malecki

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