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Date: 	Thu, 16 Oct 1997 02:13:08 -0800
Subject: M-I: Marx and Lenin

Hi James,
I am looking forward to your critique of Mattick's anti-Leninism and
anti-bolshevism (well, you are certainly not a philistine--you know the
I have never been able to figure out what you all  at Living Marxism think
of Paul Mattick (did you know that the young Mattick edited a journal in
the late 1930s named, you guessed it, Living Marxism--funny coincidence,

There are quite a few Soviet publications that get pretty excited about
Mattick's critique of Keynes or Samuelson and then accuse him of
bourgeois-syndicalist-spontaneist nihilism for failure to defend Brezhnev
or some other monstrosity. I presume that your criticism is of a different

Oh, if you want to purge Marxism of its catastrophism, you shouldn't check
out yesterday's WSJ on the monstrous effects the rupiah devaluation is
already having on the Indonesian people--and that's a lot of people, James.

It's funny less than six months ago Doug and Louis P were enthusing about
the resilience of capitalism and in particular how the Asian boom far
exceeded anything in capitalist history, and me in ignorance counseled that
we look at Louis Boudin's and William J Blake's critique of Tugan
Baranowsky, a theoretical genius especially by current standards.  I knew I
didn't understand the situation adequately (especially the idea of how
capitalism can thrive for some time on waste before catastrophic declines,
it just seemed so relevant, maybe a lucky guess, no?)

By the way, Monday's WSJ shows that Bechtel is well on its way to achieving
monopolies in strategic areas of Kabila's Zaire. Funny Louis P didn't
download that one, but he is probably working on his apology of the
rigidification of dollar apartheid in Cuba.

All the best,

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