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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 13:46:42 -0400
Subject: M-I: Re: A trip upstate

A note from Paul Buhle on my musings on herons and Jewish boxers:

"Too much to reply to here (I'm just back on a redeye from LA, where I
toasted the 50th anniversary of the blacklist with a bunch of staggering
ex-blacklistees), but such a history [of the Jews] could play a great role.
I can send
my essasy on Jews & the Left (from THE IMMIGRANT LEFT), my longest on
that subject. Lemme know.

"The story of BODY AND SOUL owes its origin to a failed script on Barney
Ross, it's all in TENDER COMRADES so I won't go  into it. Noir, to me,
is the social realism of the '30s (esp strong in Robert Rossen's films)
turned around in postwar realization that it was all coming to nothing
but materialism rather than redemption."

TENDER COMRADES by the way is Paul's new book on the Communist film-writers
that is due out any day. It includes capsule reviews of red-influenced
movies including Abbot and Costello and Boris Karloff movies. (!!!) Look
for it in your local bookstores.

Louis Proyect

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