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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 13:04:38 -0400
Subject: M-I: Diffusionism

James H:

Yours is a good essay, but you've missed my point entirely save for one of
my tenets: modern, internationalized capitalism does not obtain greater
accumulation by developing the Third World. For reasons explained in my
postngs to Doug, the specific history of Japan and much later S. Korea and
Taiwan , plus the tiny city-states of Singapore and (city-colony) HK, does
not carry any implications for the rest of the TW. And China doesn't count
because it's development has not been capitalist.

Instead of going back to those introductory textbooks in anthroppology and
the history of anthropology to find out what diffusionism is -- it has
nothing to do with structuralism, by the way, and it easily survived the
decline of racism -- to find out how I and most others use the term today,
I'd appreciate it if you' d consult my book or my 1989 S&S article
"Colonialism and the Rise of Capitalism" or my new S&S article,
"Evaluatinjg Imperialism."

If imperialism still exists, then the concept of diffusionism is valid. If
one believes that imperialism is passe and Globalized evenness has taken
over, then you won't accept the aplicability of the concvept of

I'm withdrawing from active arguing for a few days so I won't answer you if
you respond to this missive.

En lucha

Away with all economism!

En lucha

Jim B 

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