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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 07:35:31 -0400
Subject: M-I: Malecki thrown off Labor Party mailing-list

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>Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 06:56:08 -1000
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>Subject: Improvements to LP list
>By popular demand, Malecki has been unsubscribed
>from the Labor Party list for spamming the list
>with messages totally unrelated to its purpose,
>which is discussion about the labor party and
>issues facing the US labor movement.
>I have received a lot of requests for this action,
>and decided it was warranted.  I also hope that by
>reducing the "noise" on the list it will encourage
>the serious participants on the list to stay and
>continue to contribute.
>In order to prevent Malecki from resubscribing some
>list configuration file parameters have been reset.
>Previously the list had an open subscription policy:
>requests sent to the IGC majordomo for subscription
>went through automatically without my intervention
>as list-owner.
>>From now on, all requests to subscribe to the list
>will be routed by the majordomo server to me for
>Open discussion about the Labor Party and related 
>issues will continue to be encouraged.  I have
>received no complaints about any other list
>participant.  The removal from the list affects
>Malecki only.
>At present the list has about 94 subscribers.
>On average we have 3 to 4 people joining and
>3 to 4 people leaving each month.  Since I took
>over the list several months ago, the number
>of subscribers has stayed steady.  The level
>of discussion however goes through a lot of 
>ups and downs which is normal for an e-mail
>in solidarity,
>Andy English
>Labor Party e-mail list-owner

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