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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 10:39:13 -0400
Subject: Re: M-I: Re: Feeding the poor


I was going to sentd this to the m-i list but I've had my daily dose of
postings so I'm sending it to you.

Almost all African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and other oppressed
(yes) minorities would qualify as "poor." At the same time, although the
number of white families that are poor is very great, the perctnage of all
white families that are poor (US) is rather low. So: does this mean that
you're not properly qualifying your term "poor" or are you positing a
theory that dumps minority and majority poor into one (yes) lump? Yet the
*children* of most poor white families can get educated, get whites-only
jobs, etc., so the trajectory for these families is upward. This is one
,kind of poverty. Then there are the black asnd latino ghettos, the
reservations, etc. The fact that ghetto families asre forced to live in the
ghetto through masny generations, lousy education for the children,
emp,loyment only in the secondary labor market, etc., makes this a
qualitatively different kind of poverty. 

More and more, the poor are the non-whites. This is capitalism's way of
softening the burden on the primary labor market. A worker who has a small
house, a car, a kid in college with bright opportunities aghead of him/her,
is not likely (in my view) to be very revolutionary.

Yr. obdt. srv.

Jim Blaut  

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