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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 21:34:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: M-I: James Heartfield versus facts 

On Sat, 25 Oct 1997, James Heartfield wrote:

> USA I'd be interested to see them. When I was last in the Adirondacks I
> must say I was struck by the beauty of forests there, and the impressive
> wooden buildings - truly a testament to man's ability to master nature.

You should have gotten struck by lightning, you moron. Who gives a rat's
ass about the beauty of the forests there? I didn't expect you to be as
superficial in your reply as this. I think people are starting to get the
idea that there's no *there* there in the Living Marxism sect.

A serious thinker would have produced a completely different set of
figures to prove that there was not a crisis of immense proportions in the
Adirondack mountains. So all you can say is that you saw lots of trees
there. And some houses. Duh. Did you see your reflection in a mirror, you
vampire creep.

Doug is right. You are Rush Limbaugh. Heartfield thinks that the crap that
comes out of his brain is "controversial". It isn't controversial at all.
You can read this garbage 3 times a week in the Wall St. Journal editorial
pages or hear it on Limbaugh's radio shows. It is the content of Greg
Eastbrook's "Moment on Earth." 

It is capitalist reaction.

It is an ideological counter-offensive against an environmentalist
movement that challenges the right of corporations to put profits above
humanity and the natural world that LM is reflecting. It is exactly the
sort of arguments you get from Shell Oil in Nigeria. That is why
Heartfield complained about the backward tribes that stood in the way of
progress there. Oil wells to generate cash for the imperialists and the
thieving generals who back them. That's what Heartfield's for.

This LM is about as unsavory a bunch as you are going to find. It is Rolf
Martens with an ascot, jodphurs, riding crop and a tweed hacking jacket.

If Heartfield had a brain instead of a big mouth, he would track down some
figures that support his lies about forest growth. He can't. He can't
because his outfit is made up of slugs who don't care about scientific
documentation. The reason that they will remain a cult around a sociology
professor is because they are not passionate about the sort of project
that Marx and Engels themselves were involved in. Marx spent thousands of
hours in the London library getting supporting documentation for his case
against the capitalist system in Das Kapital. These jerks write manifestos
about the viability of the forests under capitalism and don't bother to
back it up. They, like all cults, lack the ability to view themselves
self-critically.  Somebody should have told the toad Furedi: "Frank, I
think we need to back this up with some numbers." "Ah, don't worry. We'll
just brazen it out.  We'll use Rush Limbaugh's stuff from 'Told You So'.
Who'll figure out that we're borrowing from good old Rush." 

Louis Proyect

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