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To marxism-international:  

The following message "bounced" to the moderators.  It represents, in my
view, an important addition to the ongoing debate concerning the character
of current socialist governments and their defenders in the West.
Especially important is Comrade Olaechea's delineation of the "three blind
monkeys'"-style of leadership prevalent amongst Western communist parties
who, in turn, have themselves been orphaned by the "fall" of the CPSU.
Finally, I find his remarks concerning the impending "visit" by the Pope --
an event that surely looms large for all those struggling under the yoke of
neo-liberalism -- to be of immediate concern to our discussions on
free-market ideology and Wall Street.

Louis Godena,


>From: (Hariette Spierings)

(with a "little help from his Trotskysts friends")

by Adolfo Olaechea

London, 04, 10, 97

A few days ago, a handful of unreconstructed and disguised stooges of modern
revisionism took our unmasking of the Cuban regime as a revisionist
social-fascist regime bent on capitalist restoration embarked on
counter-revolutionary activities in cahoots with the most reactionary
circles of world imperialism, as a pretext to stage a coup d' etat in

They thought that such transparently counter-revolutionary act would allow
them to split the LeninList.  But now, it is becoming evident to all that
these gang of renegades and cynical impostors have in fact exposed themselves.

The real objective of their piratical activity and counter-revolutionary
rebellion was and remains to continue with their "three wise monkeys" policy
of denial of what historical reality has already exposed: The social-fascist
character of the regimes of revisionist capitalist restoration that they
continue to defend and promote.

However - as it is the case with all reactionary endeavours - these
gentlemen - headed by the "Internet Khruschev", J. Hillier, have ended up
"by picking up a stone in order to drop it in their own" revisionist and
anti-communist "foot".

A big debate trascending the confines of LeninList is now in progress in
various Internet progressive lists - and that is the very opposite result
they sought to impose with their sanctimonious inquisitorial methods of
suppression aimed against the revolutionaries.

And, like in all debates and clashes of ideas, thesis and anti-thesis are
lining up political and ideological support which inevitably gravitates
towards both camps.  In this manner, a revolutionary camp is beginning to
consolidate, while a counter-revolutionary and non-revolutionary reformist
and revisionist camp is also being revealed and exposed in all its ugly

It is therefore revealing and instructive for the revolutionary minded
people to observe and note how Proyect's school of Trotskysm has come out to
the arena in order to contest and belittle the revolutionary essence of the
Maoist thesis regarding the social-fascist character of revisionism in power. 

In this fashion, the essential bourgeois ideological kinship between modern
revisionist and reformist-Trotskysm - despite all their pillow fights about
"Stalinism" - is also coming to the fore and exposing itself in antagonistic
contradiction to the genuine and revolutionary Marxist positions.

There are of course, differences of approach between these two schools of
mystificators regarding this issue.

Some "clever" apologists for modern revisionism (among the variegated
defenders of Khruschev, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Castro, Deng, Jian Zemin, Alia,
and all other renegades of Marxism) have adopted the tactics of trying to
appropriate the revolutionary Marxist leaders Stalin and Chairman Mao and
even the International Line of the Communist Party of Peru, in order to
deprive them of their revolutionary content, and turn these into emasculated
icons for them to hide behind while supporting the policies and political
interests of their bourgeois imperialist masters.

It is in this context that one should read J. Hillier - and his "blind"
side-kick Mr. Blaut - preposterous claims regarding the Marxist thesis of
the social-fascist character of revisionist regimes, such as the Castro
regime in Cuba, or the Jian Zemin regime in China.

J. Hillier, in his attempt to smear his ideological opponents, resorted to
allegations that the thesis of revisionists degenerating into
social-fascists was the single-handed creation of a "madman and lunatic".
Everyone has been able to see how in this gross "Khruschevite" manner,
Hillier attempted to character assassinate his opponent, isolate him, and
thus split the revolutionary camp.

Together with his side-kick, J. Blaut, Hillier tried to delude
revolutionaries and foster ideological vacillations among them by cynically
alleging that such could not in any way be the "position of the Communist
Party of Peru" regarding the character of the Castro regime.

However, everyone in the world knows that the Communist Party of Peru is a
genuinely Maoist Party, a genuinely Marxist Party, and a genuinely
anti-revisionist Party.  That the PCP is fully aware of and absolutely
endorses Chairman Mao's points of view regarding the social-fascist and
capitalist restorationist character of the dictatorship of revisionists in
all countries:

"If the class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat were to be
forgotten, then it would not be long......before a counter-revolutionary
restoration .... would INEVITABLY occur.  The Marxist-Leninist Party WOULD
by Chairman Mao Tsetung, 1963)

"Socialist society covers a considerably long historical period.  In the
historical period of socialism, there are still classes, class
contradictions and class struggle; there is the struggle between the
socialist road and the capitalist road, and there is the danger of
capitalist restoration.  We must recognise the protracted and complex nature
of this struggle. We must heighten our vigilance.  We must conduct socialist
education. We must correctly understand and handle class contradictions and
class struggle, distinguish the contradictions between ourselves and the
enemy from those among the people and handle them correctly.  OTHERWISE A
Communist Party of China, pages 46-47).

"If our children's generation go in for revisionism and TURN INTO ITS
OPPOSITE, so that although they still NOMINALLY have socialism it is in fact
CAPITALISM...."  (quoted from Chairman Mao Talks to the People)

"Either the East Wind prevails over the West Wind, or the West Wind prevails
over the East Wind; there is no room for compromise on the question of the
two lines".  (Chairman Mao)    


Moreover, these views of Chairman Mao are not exclusively Maoist views nor
any extraneous addition to Marxism on the part of Chairman Mao.  These views
are more than perfectly consistent with the views of comrade Stalin and
comrade Lenin, as well as with the dialectical-materialist essence of the
doctrine of Marx and Engels.

These views of Chairman Mao regarding the dialectical process of the turning
of the revisionist and opportunist political currents WITHIN THE WORKING
CLASS MOVEMENT AND STATE into covert first, and then overt,
counter-revolutionaries and servants of fascism, particularly once they
manage to usurp power in a proletarin state, is clearly in consonance with
both Lenin and Stalin in this regard:

"The unity of the proletariat in the epoch of social revolution can be
achieved only by the extreme revolutionary Party of Marxism, and ONLY IN
RELENTLESS STRUGGLE against all other parties" (V. I. Lenin, Collected
Works, Vol XXVI, p. 50).

""With reformists, Mensheviks, in our ranks it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve
victory in the proletarian revolution, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RETAIN IT.  That
is obvious in principle, and it has been strikingly confirmed by the
experience both of Russia and Hungary.....In Russia, difficult situations
have arisen MANY TIMES, when the Soviet regime would MOST CERTAINLY HAVE
BEEN OVERTHROWN, had Mensheviks, reformists and petty-bourgeois democrats
remained in our Party...."
(V.I. Lenin, Collected Works, Vol XXV, pp. 462-63)

And from this Leninist testimony, flows the recognition and stressing on the
part of Lenin of the irreconciliable and antagonistic nature of the struggle
of the proletariat against revisionism within socialism - and with their
polical representatives, the revisionists, who constitute themselves in
tools by which the bourgeosie seeks to overthrow the Soviet regime from
within.  In this regard, comrade Stalin drew the following conclussion:

"It cannot be regarded as an accident that the Trotskysts, Bukharinites and
nationalist deviators who fought Lenin and the Party ended just as the
Mensheviks and socialist-revolutionary parties did, namely, BY BECOMING
AGENTS OF FASCIST ESPIONAGE SERVICES, by turning spies, wreckers, assassins,
divertionists and traitors to the country". (J.V. Stalin, History of the
Communist Party of the Soviet Union (b) Short Course, Conclusion)   

And this is how Stalin himself wrote describing the effects of the coming to
power of fascism in Germany and Japan upon the revisionist agents of the
bourgeoisie.  Here, comrade Stalin reveals the dialectical character of the
degeneration of the revisionists and renegades into capitalist
restorationists and social-fascists at the service of the most reactionary
circles of imperialism:

"The surrounding capitalist world, striving to undermine and disrupt the
might of the USSR, worked with redoubled energy to organise gangs of
assassins, wreckers and spies within the USSR.  This hostile activity of the
capitalist encirclement became particularly marked with the advent of
fascism to power in Germany and Japan.  In the Trotskysts and Zinovievites,
FASCISM FOUND FAITHFUL SERVANTS who were ready to spy, sabotage, commit acts
of terrorism and diversion, and to WORK FOR THE DEFEAT OF THE USSR IN ORDER
TO RESTORE CAPITALISM". (HCPSU (b) Short Course, page 330).

Earlier in the history of the revolution, this process of the transformation
into its contraries that ALWAYS befells "socialist" renegades, was thus
described by Stalin:

"In the period of intervention, the parties which had been smashed by the
revolution, the Socialist-Revolutionaries, Mensheviks, Anarchists and
counter-revolutionary plots against the Soviet Republic and resorted to
terrorism against Soviet leaders.  These parties, which had enjoyed a
certain amount of influence among the working class before the October
Revolution, completely exposed themselves in the eyes of the masses as
COUNTER_REVOLUTIONARY PARTIES during the civil war".  (HCPSU (b) Short ourse)
Another instance in which the "socialist" renegades turned into their
opposites, social-patriots and social-reactionaries - the very forefathers
of post war fascism - is, of course, during the events associated with the
First Imperialist War:
"From the very outbreak of the war, the petty-bourgeois parties, the
Socialist-Revolutionaries and the Mensheviks, USING THE FLAG OF SOCIALISM AS
A SCREEN, helped the bourgeosie to deceive the people by CONCEALING THE
IMPERIALIST, predatory character of the war.  They preached the necessity of
defending, of protecting the bourgeois "fatherland" from the "Prussian
barbarians"; they supported a policy of "civil peace", and thus helped the
government of the Russian Tsar to wage war, just as the German
Social-Democrats helped the government of the German Kaiser to wage war on
the "russian Barbarians".  (HCPSU (b) Short Course, page 163).
"The imperialist bourgeosie systematically bribed the upper stratum of
killed workers, the so-called labour aristocracy, by means of higher wages
and other sops.........  This section of workers had produced quite a number
of Trade Union and cooperative leaders, members of municipal and
parliamentary bodies, journalists and functionaries of Social-Democrat
organisations.  When the war broke out, THESE PEOPLE, FEARING TO LOSE THEIR

preached CLASS PEACE between the workers and the bourgeosie at home and war
on other nations abroad........".

Today's social-fascists are the direct descendants of the Menshevik
social-chauvinists who led the working masses into the butchery of the First
Imperialist War, who later PAVED the way for FASCISM and nurtured and
provided "intellectual muscle" for Mussolini's anti-bolshevik "Fascios die
Combattimento", the same "white-gloved butchers" who showed Hitler and his
brown shirts the road and methods for assassinating the working masses and
the proletarian leaders by means of the Social Democrat revisionist
"Frei-Korps" organised by the social-fascist regime of Ebert in Germany.

It is perfectly clear that today's social fascist regimes such as Castro's
and Jian Zemin, also preach - and moreover, enforce by fascist repression -
CLASS PEACE, and, likewise, they also "preach war" on the revolutionary
people abroad. In practice too, like in the case of Peru, these renegades
contribute directly to the imperialist counter-revolutionary war aimed
against the Communist Party of Peru.  

It is in this counter-revolutionary context that the visit of the Pope
Wotjila (and the current Castroite "canonization" of "Che" as an icon of
"struggle for peace and social justice" within the imperialist system) to
the revisionist chieftain Castro, and the overt support of Castro for the
Fujimori regime's anti-communist crusade, should be understood and analysed
by revolutionaries.  

Wotjila, whose itinerary in Latin America include currently Brasil, Cuba in
January 98, and Chile and Argentina later on that year, is coming along in a
"mission" on behalf of the most reactionary circles of imperialism: 

This "mission" is to foster and spread the key elements of the current
New-Fascist imperialist strategy aimed against the revolutionary Latin
America peoples:  The preaching of CLASS PEACE at home.  In Cuba, in the
name of "reconciliation", and in Latin America at large, by means of "Peace
process", and "negotiations for peace with social justice".  

In synthesis, the preaching of anti-revolutionary war against "terrorists"
abroad is the central aim of Wotjila, the imperialists and the
counter-revolutionary revisionist of all hues, the APRA and the MRTA in
Peru, and the servants of Brezhnev-Gorbachev-Jian Zemin abroad, - with "a
little help from their Trotskyst friends". 

The renegade Castro is offering himself - and already acting by means of its
agents in Latin America - as a fascistic enforcer of this
counter-revolutionary message and political and military action.  This much
is clear for the revolutionary people already.  

And more importantly, much more will indeed become evident as this "joint
counter-revolutionary" maneouvre of imperialism and revisionism to surround,
isolate, and annihilate the revolution develops in full before the eyes of
the masses.

That Trotskysts and revisionists of the Hillier "torpedo" school of
sanctimonious and treacherous unprincipled thugs are united in attempting to
protect and serve the counter-revolutionary Castro regime by denying the
dialectical materialist process of the turning of renegades from the
revolution into active counter-revolutionaries and fascists, is not accidental.
As comrade Stalin also noted:
"No less dangerous to the cause of the proletariat were the covert
social-chauvinists, the so-called Centrists.  The Centrists - Kautsky,
Trotsky, Martov and others - justified and defended the awoved
social-chauvinists, thus joining the social-chauvinists in betraying the
proletariat....... Like the social-chauvinists, they demanded the
renunciation of the class struggle during the war so as not to hamper their
particular imperialist government in waging the war".  (HCPSU (b) Short
Course (page 165)

Today, both currents of revisionist bourgeois renegacy within the mileu of
the Western Left - hypocritically repentant modern revisionists of the
Hillier-Blaut-McKinsey school who defend the various different regimes of
the social-fascist revisionist bureacratic bourgeosies that serve
imperialism, and pro-Cuban Trotskysts like Proyect who advocate the
ideological disarmament of the proletariat - are likewise demading - in fact
trying to impose by the use of underhand and essentially Inquisitorial and
fascist methods  - that the revolutionaries renounce the CLASS STRUGGLE
against revisionism and capitalist resoration - "during the war against

With this ruse, they pretend to shelter (and thus avoid "hampering" their
capitalist restoration work) their "particular" revisionist, social-fascist
and capitalist restorationist "goverment" or "patron".  A government, like
Castro's, that, moreover, has ALREADY gone over to the camp of imperialism
and is ALREADY FIGHTING against the revolution.  

In the following days, we shall continue exposing the crude reality of the
FASCIST character of revisionist capitalist restorationism.  

Our Next article will deal with:


Adolfo Olaechea 


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