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Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 13:14:57 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: M-I: Wall Street. Using Villains for Capitalist Apologetics.

On Sun, 5 Oct 1997, Louis N Proyect wrote:
> He developed ties with the ultraright on every front. He met with Reagan's
> operatives, who he provided counter-intelligence to.........

In the above, Louis P writes about Lyndon Larouche, an odious character
for sure, who masquerades as a socialist in order to hide his fascist
colors. However, if one replaces the pronoun "he" by "Deng" or the
current "Castro", and replaces "Reagan" by Fujimori, what conclusions
can one draw?

> Now he is free and has campaigned for President as a Democrat (!),
> invoking themes of the need to start a new New Deal. The rhetoric revolves
> around the need to put people to work by making investments in heavy
> industry and infrastructure, like road-building. Again, the banks and Wall
> Street take a beating. For people who are curious about genuine fascism as
> opposed to Adolfo's looney-tunes concept, I'd invite you to do a
> "Larouche" search on the WWW.
I am not so sure any longer, Louis, that Adolfo's concept is all "looney-
tunes". In fact, I have been trying, in the role of a devil's advocate,
to blow holes into the concept of "social fascism" in an internal
dialogue. So far, I have been unsuccesful in dismissing the
concept as an outlandish one. Would you say that Larouche is a "social
fascist" - that is, he speaks about socialism but actually means fascism?
That this demagoguery can and, indeed, has taken in a lot of unsuspecting
and good people?

One hesitates to use the word "social fascist" to describe the Cuban
regime with good reasons due to its past history. But what about the
present? Would you acknowledge, from all the hard data that we have
seen so far, that the Cuban regime is on a restorationist road? And
*what* lies at the end of this road for a country in the third world
remembering what happened in China under Deng and now under Jiang

We all know by now that Adolfo is a formidable writer who uses
his knowledge of Marxism-Leninism and history in an extremely intelligent
and coherent fashion. Although, I do not agree with him on everything,
I think that there is no one on these lists, including all the
academics, who comes close to him in theoretical matters. So using
words of dismissal like "madman", "lunatic" or "looney tunes" is the
easy way out of the contradiction, which does not, of course, go away.

What, for example, do you think of his latest post on the issue in
which he traces the transformation of erstwhile social democrats into
reactionary social chauvinists? And he says that social fascism 
is just a little way further down this road.

We have to inculcate the scientific spirit in ourselves. That means,
we must be prepared to jettison the dead weight of past concepts and
ideas which are no longer useful to describe current realities. You will
see that the history of science is full of such breaks or discontinuous
jumps. This we must do even if the ground moves beneath our feet.
Afterall, nothing in this universe is stagnant and things do and
are constantly turning into their opposites. 

With regarding to fascism, we should look especially into the rise
of Mussolini in Italy. Mussolini used socialist slogans in his grab
for power. And we should remember the words "National SOCIALISM" -
the proclaimed objectives of the Nazi party in Germany. And at what
quantitative point does a party undergo a qualitative transition and
become fascist. I hope that there are people on these lists who can
throw light on these questions in order to understand the present.

S. Chatterjee

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