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Subject: What's New at "In Defence of Marxism" October 1997
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Dear all,
In the message we sent earlier there was a mistake with the web addresses 
of the articles. This is the correct version:

What's New at Socialist Appeal's "In Defence of Marxism" October 1997

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Russian Revolution we publish 
two very interesting accounts of the present situation in Russia. We also 
publish an article about the end of the civil war in Congo. Latter on in 
the weeek we will publish a detailed analysis of the present collapse in 
the stock exchange

Russian labour, autumn's of discontent
We publish this article by Renfrey Clarke, the Moscow-based left wing 
journalist, about the present situation of the labour movement. We think 
the article not only provides us with a lot of information supressed in 
the Western press about the current wave of strikes in Russia but also 
contributes to the debate about the challenges facing the Russian working 
class. October 1997

All-Russian ruin. 
An eyewitness report on the effects of the attemps of capitalist 
restoration in Russia, the situation in the CP and perspectives for the 
labour movement based on Alan Wood's recent trip to Russia. October 1997

Congo Brazzaville, the reasons behind the civil war
On October 16, the troops of the former president of Congo Brazzaville, 
M. Sassou Nguesso, took control of the capital Brazzaville, thus ousting 
the current president Pascal Lissouba, after a five month long civil war. 
It would be very difficult to understand the reasons for this conflict 
without taking into account the background struggle for influence between 
French and US imperialism in Africa, and the interests of the different 
oil companies in the rich oil fields in Congo Brazzaville's Atlantic 
coast. October 27, 1997

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Yours in solidarity,

Jordi Martorell
Socialist Appeal's "In Defence of Marxism" web site
PO Box 2626
London N1 7SQ

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