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Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 22:10:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: M-I: So, the nanny's "guilty"?

As I sit here writing, CNBC has just announced the verdict in the Cambridge,
Massachusetts "nanny" case.  As expected, a jury of squat, slack-jawed,
Bay-state crackers found her guilty of "murder", though in the
second-degree. I'm not surprised.  There have been a number of grisly,
high-profile murder cases in the past couple of months here in New England,
and I'm sure that the average juror, in his abject stupidity, is quite
susceptible to the organized demonizing of all those who are denounced by
the State.  I mean, after all, these are the same morons who vote.  Could
our rulers ask for a more docile or obliging audience?  

Also on our televisions this day writhed the slimy, rotund countenance of
John Sweeney, the "new" face of the AFL-CIO, rubbing shoulders with his
natural allies, hardened anti-Communists, "born-again" Christer nuts, jaded
Hollywood has-beens, and the like.   His genuinely grotesque, Buenos
Aires-sized ass, surrounded by seemingly millions of aburd little American
flags, as  he denounces "prison labor" in China, (as if prisons in China
weren't the very model of humaneness compared to, say, Marion, Ohio or the
tombs of Palestinian revolutionaries in the Negev), made me physically ill.
But then, I remembered.  Of what good is America's working class if it can
not serve its master.  These people, I am convinced, will follow anyone as
greyhounds follow the mechanical rabbit, forever chasing enemies far and
wide that always turn out to be -- none other than themselves.  

The American working class, venal, open-mouthed and cowering, awaits its

Louis Godena

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