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Subject: Re: M-I: Petty bourgeois was Re: "Art Films" and the Working
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 21:59:30 -0600 (CST)


	It's not so much that you are way off, a little off, or 
"right on," but that the term will not hold stable. "Petty producers,"
those who receive the surplus created by their own labor (including
independent professionals), and small capitalists, ranging from a 
janitorial service with 3 employees to ...I'm not sure what the 
upper limit would be, plus ???. I suppose one could call them 
petty bourgeois. The classical "petty producers" of 19th c. 
marxism were of course the peasantry in western europe. Probably 
we can somehow (as Gary suggests) find some content in the term
which will remain stable, and it would be useful if we could
all agree on a content for "petty bourgeois ideology" or "petty
bourgeois culture" or "petty bourgeois individualism" that idenified
something intelligible *and* made minimal sense, with minimal 
explanation, to non-marxists. But I don't know?


> Carrol wrote:
> >>Not without being far more careful than is the case 100 out of 100
> >>times in the use of that term.
> >>Carrol
> Petty producers and "professionals" who could exercize a lot of control,
> through the mechanism of education, examination, certification, etc. over
> their segments of the labor market and can have private practices are, in
> my understanding, "middle class." Am I way off?
> Yoshie
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