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Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 21:13:27 -0400 (EDT)

To marxism-international:

Herewith the second instalment of Olaechea's article on the current vagaries
of "social fascism".

Louis Godena,

>From: (Hariette Spierings)

Comrade Siddartha Chatterjee, arguing with Lou Proyect (who is now babbling
incoherently about "loony tunes" in his own sanctimonious inquisitorial
mode) has rightly asked referring to my posting on the relationship between
revisionism and social-fascism:

"What, for example, do you think of his latest post on the issue in
which he traces the transformation of erstwhile social democrats into
reactionary social chauvinists? And he says that social fascism
is just a little way further down this road".

Well, comrade Siddartha, here is a glimpse of what lays down the road.  In
fact it is already here upon us:


The Chinese revisionist paper Liaoning Daily Weekend carries a story about
Dr. Wang Jun, Director of the Kunming Court Hospital in Southwest China.

Dr. Wan Jun - like medical men in the Nazi, Kuo Ming-tang and Japanese
imperialist regimes - is involved in searching for the "most reliable method
of putting people to death".

Dr. Wang has personally killed several "convicted criminals" using lethal
injections, and after 22 experiments, the authorities are quite satisfied
and "likely to do away with traditional firing squads".

Wang's experiments are carried out in the context of the changes to the law
approved by the Chinese National People's Congress last January.  One of the
"liberalising provisions" approved in this Dengist rubber stamp organism is
to "allow the authorities to seek alternative methods of execution".

In March this year, Dr. Wang and his team began by testing two different
mixtures of poisonous drugs on prisoners.  The Liaoning Daily Weekend
relates how Dr. Wang personally administered the first cocktail to a
convict, and how this man took 3 minutes and 45 seconds to die with his face
contorted in pain.

However, Dr. Wang's "Mixture Number 2" killed the next in line in less than
a minute "and he did not seem to suffer"

"No small number of prisoners under sentence of death made requests for the
lethal injections" said the mouthpiece of Deng's revisionism.  According to
the journalist, on August 6 five convicts were executed by this method.
They were taken on strechers to be killed and "did not have to be tied down"
- "They seemed calm to the end and rolled up their own shirt sleeves for the

Hu Jiankiang, Director of the Kunming Intermediate Court said that this
method was "a kind of euthanasia"

Now, if we take into consideration that China now legally executes more
people than all other countries of the world taken together, would this
"humane story" of "modernisation" be a heart warming for those who always
decried "communist inhumanity" and "dictatorial methods"?


No one here can deny - or wants to deny - that a revolution is unthinkable
without the power of the state to suppress criminals and
counter-revolutionaries by violence, including imprisonment and the death

Comrade Lenin spoke very clearly of the need of the proletariat to "shoot
down" the elements of corruption and "dissolution" such as looters,
profiteers, saboteurs, spies, counter-revolutionary agents, etc., in order
to be able to consolidate and defend the proletarian order of society.

It is true also that in Chairman Mao's time the emphasis in penal science
was put on rehabilitation and in the sparing use of executions, (under the
Maoist slogan of curing the sickness to save the patient) and this trend of
ballooning legal executions has began to develop under the revisionist rule.

However, it can be said, that besides minor changes, the same legal system
in which the proletarian dictatorship under Chairman Mao dealt with
criminality, still is in force in China.  In practise, even minor offenses
can be dealt with by the death penalty. 

And this is like it should be, since the proletarian dictatorship has no
need to get bog down in bourgeois niceties, and proudly proclaims that in
defence of the class power, the exercise of the most ruthless dictatorship
is an obligation and a duty.  How and what manner the dictatorship is
exercised, depends of concrete conditions, and is not trammelled by
bourgeois legality.

What has changed then that allows us to compare this doctor Wang working for
this regime TODAY with the Nazi "Angel of Death"?  Would it not be better to
give him a "humanitarian of the year" award?

No. Come to think of it, most certainly not. Even if Lou Proyect would have
the screams again in his ridiculous Trotskyst disquisitions trying to
absolve the murderers of Karl Liebnecht and Rosa Luxemburg as immune to the
charge of social-fascism.  Besides today's criminal Zionists (who are also
to a large extent social-fascist, despite being Jews -  have most certainly
no immunity), so Lou Proyect, can not claim "blood immunity" to his
recurrent bouts of sanctimonious fascistic anti-communist fever, either.

And why is this not so?

Because the revisionist bourgeois dictorship has changed the class character
of the state into its opposite.  From a "bourgeois state without the
bourgeosie" allowing the proletariat to exercise its Marxist and
revolutionary rule, to a "bourgeois state of a bureacratic bourgeosie" which
uses it to suppresses and exploit the working people in the most
bloodsucking and dictatorial fashion.

Every state has the class character of the class that wields its machinery
of repression and suppression.

In China today, the state and its machinery of repression, protects and
promotes a class of parasites who are putting to shame even the greediest
Gordon Geckos in Wall Street.

Here from a report on China in the Business pages of the London Evening

"They are the fat cats of China's new order - rich, privileged and the
owners of great contact books.  They are the tai zi dang, the so-called
princelings, sons and daughters of China's political elite.  No
self-respecting foreign venture that wants to make it big in the new China
should be without at least one".

"Like the dozy nobility who populate British boardrooms, the right kind of
tai zi dang can be relied to sit silently at the top of the table and say
yes when told to do so - for a handy fee of their own way
they are no different than someone with an old school tie in the West".

".....Chen Yuan (the 48 year old son of Chen Yun (the alleged "economic
conservative" oppossing "capitalist pollution" A.O) is a deputy governor of
the distinctly Western inclined People's Bank of China and a hot item at
World Bank and IMF meetings". 
"Young Chen's sister, Chen Weili was until recently a senior executive of
China Venturetech Investments, one of China's most sophisticated investors,
backed by the State Commission on Science and Technology.  Deng Nan, the
most powerful of Deng's daughters, is vice-chairman of the Science
Commission.  Weli's boss was Zhang Xiaobin - his father was a Mao minister -
who recently launched a venture capital joint venture with US merchant bank
Goldman Sachs.  Zhang is also behind a head-hunting firm which specialises
in placing well connected tai zi".

"The princelings are fast becoming an unavoidable fact of life in China and
some are very sharp operators in their own right, having used their close
family connections, or guanxi, to make the right moves".

"Home grown Hong Kong tycoons have been quick to exploit the usefulness of
having a princeling or three on the payroll.  Hong Kong richest man, Li
Ka-shing, readily opened his doors for the offspring of Lu Ping, Peking's
most senior official handling the 1997 transition from British rule".

".....the most celebrated princeling would probably be a toss-up between
DEng Zhifang and Larry Yung, sons respectively of Deng Xiao-ping and "red
capitalist" vice-premier Rong Yiren".

"That he had a prominent father has certainly helped him but no one
questions Larry Yung's business skills.  He is the Chairman of Hong Kong
based Citic Pacific, the quasy investment bank at the sharp end of China's
reforms that is experiencing nearly exponential rises in annual profits as
the part owner of CATHAY PACIFIC, Hong Kong's telecoms monopoly and just
about every infracstructure project of size in the colony".

"The owner of former British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan's country seat

"An Assistant general manager at Citic, Deng Zhifang (Deng's son A.O.) has
been a particular favourite of Li Ka-shing and the two have teamed up in a
number of property deals in China and Hong Kong"

"Deng's brat pack extends to his three sons in law - Zhang Hong, a director
of China's prestigious Academy of Sciences, Wu Jian-chang, a vice-president
of the powerful China National Non-Ferrous Metals, and Deng Rong's husband,
Major Genral He Ping, a deputy director of the People's Liberation Army
procurement and arms trading division".

"Goldman Sachs, Salomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch, all eyeing China's
emerging Great Wall Street share market, have a virtual in-house policy of
only hiring princelings for their China desks.  Tai zi also make good local
point men for the growing number of Chinese firms investing abroad.  The
family of vice-premier Rong Yiren is sprinkled throughout Europe, the
Americas and Australia".

According to the bourgeois newspaper, a Western diplomat said:  "Generally
speaking, we are talking about some pretty smart people.  I think they have
a very big contribution to make in China".

So this is one side of the coin of bureacratic capitalism.  The privileged
and the billionaires above the law who have overturned the proletarian
dictatorship and do as they please.

The other side of the coin is those who are the victims of the phoney
anti-corruption campaigns of the revisionists.  These are terrorist
campaigns directed against the poor, the illiterate, the destitute, the
desperate, and the small time entrepeneurs, besides those rebellious
elements of society who the revisionist persecute under the guise of
combatting crime.

Here are some examples of the kind of justice that "criminals of want" get
from the Chinese bureacratic capitalist machinery of respression:

"Eight people were executed in Fujian province last year for stealing pigs
worth [$3] .  Three men were shot in Sichuan for attempting to steal VAT
recepits from a tax office, and three people who broke into a car in Jilin
were arrested, tried and executed within seven days".

"In one notorious case, a Peking court sentenced Lu Qigang to death for
sticking pins into the buttocks of female cyclists passing the horticultural
farm where he worked - an offense the court defined as "hooliganism".

"Another court sentenced Wang Hongjun, a farmer, to death for stealing a
stone Buddha head and selling it on for =A3 23.  According to a Chinese
newspaper account, when the judge told the defendant the sculpture was worth
a small fortune and that therefore its theft drew the death sentence, "his
cuffed hands did not stop shaking".

"Last week alone, 14 peoples were executed for crimes ranging from bank
robbery to embezzlement".  (From today's Sunday Times)

Here you have social-fascism then turning Dr. Wang from a scientist into an
"Angel of Death" agaisnt the poor and to protect the rich.

Without the dictaorship of the proletariat, it is impossible to advance the
cause of the libertaion of mankind. However, the most dangerous and
insidious dictatorship, is that that "waves the red flag to oppose the red

A socialist, a proletarian Party, can and does turn into its oppossite, and
the state of the dictorship of the proletariat, once fallen into the hands
of revisionist and capitalist restorators, supposses the restoration of the
most irrestrict fascistic - indeed medieval - dictatorship, where the
"peasants get hanged - like in Old Britain - for poaching "rabbits" from the
feudal Lords exclusive domains".

When someone like Proyect comes out and "notices" that "there is still a lot
of socialism in China", and that there are "only capitalist restoration
tendencies in Cuba", and rails against the revolutionaries for unmasking
these social-fascist revisionist bureacrats, when Proyect, and the
sanctimonious Hillier and his band of "wise monkeys" close their eyes to all
this, and sanctify revisionism, plead for the class enemy and take the side
of the bourgeosie, is it not germane to ask if these people are there to
alwyas be surprised by historical developments when it is already too late?

They do not want to warn the working class that social-democrats
(particularly the leaders and bureacrats) are social-fascists.  However,
they only turn a blind eye when it becomes public that in Social Democrat
Sweden, in Austria, and in a number of countries, Dr. Mengele type
sterilisations and other abnoxious Angel of Death type experiments were
carried out as rutine, and continue to deny that if you scratch a
social-democrat you will find underneath a fascist, that in the course of
their counter-revolutionary action, in the course of their apologism for
social-democratic anti-communism and reactionary actions, they themselves
are turning into accomplices of fascism, of reaction and of crime!

What would they say then?  Make another Hillier style belated "self-criticism"?

Isn't it already late enough?  Is it not this a kind of intentional
blindness of the type that allowed many in Nazi Germany to say that they did
not know what was going on?

Adolfo  Olaechea

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