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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 17:32:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: M-I: So, the nanny's "guilty"?

Roxanne writes:

>You have heard, of course, that Judge Zobel has sentenced Ms Woodward to
>_life imprisonment_ , and that the jurors have now sequestered themselves
in >their homes.  I don't agree with your verdict on America's working
class, >but your feelings on this trial are right on...

Zobel, you will recall, was the author of a book on the Boston Massacre back
in the late 60s, when he was a young Republican lawyer.  He has always been
part of that *Commentary*, *Public Interest*, and *Freedom at Issue* crowd;
very Zionist, very racist, very right-wing.  I think Weld appointed him back
in '94, but I'm not sure.  People like Zobel always make me ask: "where is
Shining Path when you need them?"  My reaction to this case is so strong,
partly because I have daughters near in age to Louise, and I can just see
them at the mercy of twelve wastelings chosen from the ugly, stupified,
brainwashed mass of voters, summarily denounced, then cast into chains or

But, you have to remember, too, that there are only a few real workers on
this list.  I am one of them.  The working class of my experience is
volatile though ambivalent, lethargic one day, febrile the next.  It is
difficult to grant them the determination and discipline needed to overcome
the powers arrayed against them.  Quite a few of them simply acquiesce.  

Every day, I am bombarded by mellifluous propaganda of every description,
all designed to win in some form my obsequience, my consent, or my money.  I
have become, in my own way, quite inured to the blandishments of the State.
Perhaps I am too impatient with those who have not.   

Louis Godena


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